Release Review: Silence Remains – Milestones (EP)

After forming in 2010, Maidstone’s Silence Remains have finally released their long awaited EP Milestones. It could be considered a bold move for a band to release their debut EP for free but this should pay off for Silence Remains as the Milestones is a strong debut.

For a young band this is a very confident debut. By opening track ‘The Following,’ the band have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, not just in their native Kent, but in the UK music scene. Theo Halpern’s vocals are strong and filled with passion; there is a lot of emotion felt throughout Milestones thanks to Halpern’s vocals, a particular example is in the best track from the EP, ‘Transitions (Proteus).’ Silence Remains have achieved more than some bands have at their age and look set to rise above the competition effortlessly.

The words metalcore and hardcore may be dirty words in the metal community, but this EP thankfully does not rely on breakdowns. There are breakdowns on Milestones but they are not for the sake of it, instead they are well executed and add to the song. But thankfully there are strong riffs throughout from guitarists Rob Turvey and Brandon Gregorz, aided by some fine bass playing by bassist John Weightman and drumming by Harry Taylor. Second track ‘Portrait of an Artist’ contains some beautiful dual guitar work as does closing track ‘Milestones.’ Upon multiple listens to Milestones it is apparent that the band has clearly worked hard on the EP and it has paid off.

With Milestones, Silence Remains have laid some very strong foundations for what seems to be a fruitful career. In the future they could reach the heights of their inspirations Bury Tomorrow or While She Sleeps, or maybe beyond. This is a band to watch! Also did I mention that the EP is free?

Silence Remains - Milestones

1. The Forgetting
2. Portrait of An Artist
3. In Depth
4. Transitions (Proteus)
5. Aureum
6. Milestones

Silence Remains Band Photo

Silence Remains are:

Theo Halpern – Vocals
Rob Turvey – Guitar
Brandon Gregorz – Guitar
John Weightman – Bass
Harry Taylor – Drums

Stand Out Songs: All of them, they are free after all!

Silence Remains have announced the following UK dates with more to be added:

July 15th – Tunbridge Welles Forum with Backdown and Hans.

July 19th – The Rafters Maidstone, supporting Bury the Hatchet

August 31st – Make a Noise Festival – Tap n Tin Chatham

September 20th – Gillingham Woodlands Youth Centre supporting Avokan and Near Ruin.

More Silence Remains:

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