WATAIN: Present new song and exclusive cover version.

In anticipation of their album’s release, Swedish black metallers Watain are now unleashing yet another new track from their forthcoming full-length, The Wild Hunt, which is due out August 19th in Europe and August 20th in North America through the band’s own label His Master’s Noise via Century Media Records.

Watain comments: “‘The Child Must Die’ is a song of sorrow and liberation, of the sacrifices that the path of adversity requires. Musically it shows yet another side of The Wild Hunt, being more Heavy Metal-rooted perhaps than ‘All That May Bleed’.”

The song feels different to ‘All That May Bleed,’ yet feels like a track off the epic Lawless Darkness album. The track is another excellent addition to Watain’s discography. Many Watain fans have been venting online that the track does not contain the darkness and aggressive feel of previous albums such as Casus Luciferi, but those people don’t understand that Watain are a band that like to experiment and push the boundaries of black metal as they don’t want to become stagnant and forgettable. That is why they are one of the most exciting bands currently touring and the two tracks that have been released makes The Wild Hunt one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

For another preview of The Wild Hunt, be sure to check out the album’s first single, ‘All That May Bleed’, which is now available for purchase as a digital download and as an exclusive 7″ at and

And to give you even more to listen to this weekend: Watain have teamed up with the American Decibel Magazine to give fans a white-on-black flexi disc for the exclusive cover song ‘Fuck Off, We Murder’ (made famous by GG Allin). To hear the track, head over to!

Watain comments: “Driven by an inner fire and a genuine contempt for society and all its particles, GG Allin lived and died as a true rock ‘n’ roll outlaw, and is to this day an inspiration for anyone to whom conformity and authority are things that must be fought and eliminated, not only by words but by action“.

The flexi disc for ‘Fuck Off, We Murder’ will be available for subscribers only in Decibel’s September issue (out in August).

Watain - The wild hunt

Produced once again by Tore Stjerna at his Necromorbus studio in Alvik (Sweden), The Wild Hunt is a sonic and lyrical tour-de-force that explores Watain’s roots, such as Bathory and Dissection, while also remaining truly unique. Having lost none of their integrity, Watain continues to push the boundaries of the scene with their fifth full-length, refusing to compromise their sound and vision. Amid the tracks teeming with the band’s classic sound, The Wild Hunt also features clean vocals (a first for the band!) which, as front-man Erik puts it, “…is just us being brutally personal and honest. It shows another important facet of the Watain world.” As this new album will soon prove, Watain truly lives in a world all their own.

The Wild Hunt will be released worldwide in the following formats:
-standard CD jewel case
-limited edition CD mediabook
-2LP, 180gr black vinyl
-limited edition box set
-digital download

The Wild Hunt track-list:
1. Night Vision (3:39)
2. De Profundis (4:33)
3. Black Flames March (6:21)
4. All That May Bleed (4:36)
5. The Child Must Die (6:04)
6. They Rode On (8:43)
7. Sleepless Evil (5:38)
8. The Wild Hunt (6:21)
9. Outlaw (5:07)
10. Ignem Veni Mittere (4:39)
11. Holocaust Dawn (7:07)

Watain online:

Century Media Records

Century Media Webshop

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