Gig Preview: Trivium in Poland.

Knock Out Productions presents two concerts of melodic thrash metal band Trivium in Poland. The Americans are going to appear at “Progresja” in Warsaw on August 11th (Sunday) and the day after in Cracow at the club “Kwadrat”.

Trivium in Poland - 2013

The members of Trivium have underlined that they grew up with the musical output of bands such as Testament, Metallica or Iron Maiden, so it’s obvious to which world their music belongs to. It’s been ten years since the release of their debut album Ember to Inferno and we can surely say that these years have been extremely productive from their side. Over 1 million of sold CDs, tours all over the world and thousands of fans; that’s the legacy of Trivium for which Matt Heafy and his bandmates have worked for such a long time with undisguised loyalty and 110% love for metal. Trivium is formed by extraordinarily talented musicians – Matt Heafy (vocals and guitar), Corey Beaulieu (vocals and guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (vocals and bass guitar) and Nick Augusto (drums) – who know what they want and also do what they want in their own unique way. Trivium plays for the 4th year in its present lineup since Nick Augusto’s incorporation in 2009.

Trivium have created a brand new style of music (which, to be honest, is pretty difficult to name) that kept evolving during the years of the band’s existence and they took a lot of inspiration from many different styles like industrial, gothic, black, trash, heavy metal and even rock. The band plays high-class hard-sounding music so they can guarantee two tasty concerts in Poland.

However, Trivium is not the only band we will see in Poland on the 11th and 12th of August this year. The second band is a very promising group – We Butter The Bread With Butter – from Lubben (Brandenburg) in Germany formed in 2007. Right now WBTBWB is made up of 4 guys: Marcel “Marci” Neumann (guitar), Maximilian Pauly Saux (bass), Can Özgünsür (drums) and Paul Bartzsch (vocals). They present classical deathcore with some admixtures of electronic music and claim to draw influence from Walking The Cadaver, Annotations of an Autopsy and Job For A Cowboy. In Poland WBTBWB will present their brand new album Goldkinder.

The second support is Frontside from Sosnowiec, Poland formed in 1993. They played with bands like Behemoth, Vader, Lost Soul and Masachist and the style of music performed by Frontside is described as metalcore/death metal. The band is: Marcin “Auman” Rdest (vocals), Mariusz “Demon” Dzwonek (guitar and backing vocals), Dariusz “Daron” Kupis (guitar), Wojciech Nowak (bass) and Tomasz “Toma” Ochab (drums).

More information and music at the sites below:
Trivium: Website, Facebook
We Butter the Bread with Butter: Website, Facebook
Frontside: Website, Facebook

Knock Out Productions: Website, Facebook

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