Crimson Shadows: Wins Wacken Metal Battle 2013.

Canadian epic power/death metallers Crimson Shadows from Toronto, ON have won the international 2013 Wacken Metal Battle. Check out their performance here.

Crimson Shadows

Stated on the official Wacken Open Air website:

“A decision has been made! The Award Ceremony of this year’s Metal-Battle is over and the winners are Crimson Shadows!

With their mix of Epic Death & Power Metal they left their competitors from almost 30 other countries behind.

Besides the desired label deal with Nuclear Blast the band also won lots of high quality endorsements from Marshall, Washburn, Markbass, Paiste, Woodbrass and Vision Backdrops.

Congratulations to the band! We are curious and are looking forward to your musical future!

Wacken Metal Battle Canada organizer JJ Tartaglia comments:

“I’m honoured that Crimson Shadows have taken the title here at Wacken. It’s a great accomplishment for the band and for Wakcen Metal Battle Canada. We have great metal music to show the world and this is a big step towards proving that.”

Crimson Shadows won the Wacken Metal Battle Canada final on June 22nd in Toronto, ON that included some of the country’s best, like Vesperia, Hollow, Dissension and Adrenechrome.  39 independent Canadian bands competed over nine qualifying rounds, three semi-finals and a national final that was judged by Glen Drover (Megadeth / Testament), Martin Popoff (BW&BK / HardRadio), Sarah Lutz (Metal Blade Records), Noel Peters (Inertia Entertainment), Adam Sewell (Stereo Dynamite Records /Monster Voodoo Machine) and Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice).

The Wacken Metal Battle international finals were held on July 31st prior to this year’s Wacken Open Air Festival from August 1st-3rd in Wacken, Germany. Crimson Shadows played alongside Evile Invaders (Belgium), Industrial City (Georgia), Rotten Souls (Central America), Nin Treasures (China), SIV (Faroe Islands), Karma Zero (France), Chronosphere (Greece), Kill With Hate (Hungary), Ophidian I (Iceland), Overoth (Ireland), BackJumper (Italy), Mysterious Priestess (Japan), La Chudra (Lithuania), An Apple A Day (Luxembourg), Gnida (Poland), Utopium (Portugal), God – The Barbarian Horde (Romania), Trallery (Spain), Vengha (Sweden), Bull-Riff Stampede (UK), Rotten State (Uruguay) and many more.

Finalist info can be found here.

A FREE DOWNLOAD compilation of competing Wacken Metal Battle Canada bands is available here.

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