Lecherous Nocturne: ‘We all bring something unique to the table and it shows.’ [Interview]

I respect groups that have talent, goals, work hard and have a willingness to persevere. The underground metal scene is filled with groups whose individual fervor for their craft literally keeps the scene around them alive. Without extreme music we’d find ourselves thrown into the realm of normalcy, forced to listen to the likes of Justin Timberlake or dare I say Justin Bieber!

I can’t live without metal. I love the insane band names and obscene song titles. I treasure screaming guitars and menacing vocals but most of all I like deciding for myself which bands and tracks are worthy of repeat listens. We are all critics in the underground and we can tell who’s fake and who’s real. Loyalty is reserved for those who we respect because we are all contributors to the same scene and we truly understand what it takes for a band to get up on a stage and keep metal alive!

Lecherous Nocturne is a band I respect. They’ve been through all the bullshit: recording setbacks, stolen gear, numerous lineup changes, including having their singer quit the band in the middle of a tour! Most bands, most people, would hang it up after shit like this happens but real musicians make music – for them the time up on stage is better than any drug, it’s the high that makes life worthwhile.

Having spoken to drummer Alex Lancia last year about the numerous setbacks the band has been forced to overcome (read the interview here), and having recently reviewed the latest Lecherous effort, Behold Almighty Doctrine (read that review here), I was curious about how the band managed to persevere once again, what did it take for Lecherous to find a new singer and release an album and more importantly, what’s up next for the band?

I recently had the opportunity to question drummer Alex Lancia about these happenings and more. Please enjoy some excerpts from that 8/19/13 interview:

Lecherous Nocturne - band picture 

DAVID HALBEYou’ve been with the band a couple of years but this is the first album you and Ethan Lane have contributed on, what can you tell us about your contributions and the overall recording experience?

ALEX LANCIAEthan (Lane) and Kriesh (Lofgren) really stepped up and wrote some brilliant songs which provided a clear and concise foundation for the album.  The contrast in their styles and the sheer intensity of the material left my work cut out for me.  It was a major learning experience for me, and I felt compelled to put in as much time and resources as I could into pre-production.  Despite the fact that this was my first real album, I felt prepared going into the studio.  Of course, actually doing it was humbling but I still managed to get the songs done in 2 and half days.  At times my inexperience is obvious but we wanted to leave the human element to avoid an overly polished sound.  Bob (Moore) was on board with our philosophy wholeheartedly and made the drums sound the best they could.  I used a 14×8 steel snare, birch rack toms mixed with maple floor toms, and various cymbals from 5 different brands.  Only the kick is triggered.  Ultimately this album was a crucial building block for me and it’s affected everything I’ve done subsequently, I feel proud of what we accomplished. 

DAVE – What are the touring plans for Behold Almighty Doctrine?

ALEXWe have our sights set on Europe next year.  Saving the necessary funds is the main priority right now, along with promoting the last album, rehearsing, and writing new material; which is coming along very well already.

Lecherous Nocturne - Behold Almighty Doctrine

DAVE – How did you convince Chris Lollis to return to the group and take on the role of vocalist?

ALEX Chris is vested in the band and after he parted ways with Nile it was a natural move, it was like reconnecting with a long lost brother, you’ve known all along.  However, the transition was a bit rocky at times.  We were all going through rough times and thankfully, it worked out in a way that we were able to unite and emerge stronger personally and musically.

DAVE – Are you involved in any side projects you’d like to mention?

ALEX Yes, I just tracked drums this year for Annthennath, a black metal band based in France that I have been working with for a couple years.  Earlier in ’13 I recorded 3 tracks for a soon to be released split with Quintessence.  The most recent recording was a full length album that will likely be the last album for Annthennath.  It will be a cold, cruel ending for a killer band that I am honored to have contributed to and been influenced by. In the meantime, I suggest you seek out their earlier releases.

DAVE – At some point in their career, an artist typically pays homage to their influences by re-recording their material. Has Lecherous Nocturne ever considered doing a cover song?

ALEX We’ve thought about it once or twice.  It’s unlikely but not out of the question.

DAVE – Do you think constant touring helps a band remain a viable commodity?

ALEX No, I think it saturates the market.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong.  The most I have done was 2 tours in one year and that was awesome but I can’t see any reason to do more than 4, at most, in one year. 

DAVE – What’s the hardest thing to adjust to when you come off a tour?

ALEX It’s all difficult to adjust to, in particular a steady sleep schedule.  It’s virtually impossible to go to sleep before midnight well after a tour. 

DAVE – How do you feel the addition of new members has changed the Lecherous sound?

ALEX I don’t really think the approach or philosophy has changed much.  The more minds you bring into a musical entity, the more diverse it becomes. We all bring something unique to the table and it shows.  The key is to pay respect to those who were there before you, and re-create their vision the best you can.  In that respect I think we have held true.   

DAVE – How important are social media networks to Lecherous Nocturne?

ALEXThey are very important, it’s the main way people interact and we aim to make use of that in any way we can to stay connected.  And it’s the best way to stay in touch with all the cool people you’ve met out on the road, so we are always paying attention to our networks.

ALEX –  I heard you were filming a video for the song “Ouroboros Chains”, what can you tell us about it?

ALEXIt will be released very soon. Our director Garrett Williams is putting the final touches on it now.  We had a blast filming!  Keep an eye out for another video that will be released later.

DAVE – What’s the value of a music video in 2013?

ALEX I think videos are highly valuable these days because they help bring in new fans and they provide the band with another form of expression.  It ends up being a lot of work but at the same time, a lot of fun.  A great excuse to take a few days off from work right?

DAVE – Is metal a fad for younger generations or one of the last true forms of artist expression?

ALEX That is a good question because it takes a lot of attention to keep metal alive and it seems like many people are increasingly fleeting for innumerable reasons.   I think for the majority of people, yes it is a fad.  However, there will always be people who recognize the artistry in metal, those dedicated to carrying on the movement.  They are few and far between but all it takes is a few to create a classic.

Lecherous Nocturne are:
Alex Lancia – drums
Ethan Lane – guitars
Kreish Lofgren – guitars
James O’Neal – bass
Chris Lollis – vocals

More Lecherous Nocturne:

Lecherous Nocturne are:
James O’Neal – Bass
Kreishloff – Guitars
Chris Lollis – Vocals
Alex Lancia – Drums
Ethan Lane – Guitars – See more at:
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