Release Review: NeonHalo – Forensic Pornography

It’s been a good year for Death/Extreme Metal outfit NeonHalo, one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Kent, a scene dominated by post-hardcore and metalcore. Not only did they win the Kent Metal to the Masses competition which guaranteed them an appearance at Bloodstock’s New Blood Stage, in which they confirmed why they deserved to win, but they also released their new EP Forensic Pornography.

Taking influences from Cannibal Corpse, At the Gates and Death among other extreme bands, NeonHalo do not copy the bands but instead take their influence and add to it, creating something extremely exciting. The EP is a macabre affair with songs like ‘She Was Dead When I Got There,’ and ‘Flayed and Dismembered,’ showcasing not only gruesome lyrics, but talent that Kent should be proud it produced. The EP is not just fast and violent but there are some slower moments, such as the intro to the title track before unleashing more extreme glory. The guitar work on the album is confident and shows talent while Lou Ede is showing some fierce vocals, especially on opener track ‘Scavenger’s Daughter.’ However there are often deja-vu moments on the EP with no particular track as a stand out, but all these things are forgivable as it is a first EP.

At only four tracks the EP is criminally short and leaves craving for more, but good things come to those who wait. It will be interesting to see where NeonHalo will end up next and what their next EP or album will bring, but with Foresnic Pornography they have crafted a powerful sound that will hopefully grow over time.

NeonHalo Forensic Pornography EP Album Cover

Track Listing:
1.Scavenger’s Daughter 04:31
2. Forensic Pornography 05:04
3. She Was Dead When I Got There 04:07
4. Flayed & Dismembered 06:44

NeonHalo are:
Lou – Vocals
Will – Guitar
Alex – Guitar
Ande – Bass
Mike – Drums

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