Release Review: Decaying – The Last Days of War

Only the dead have seen the end of war.” – George Santayana

Decaying is a Finnish death metal outfit that has been quite productive, releasing one full-length a year since their formation in 2010. Their latest effort is called The Last Days of War, and whereas most other metal bands like to glorify war, Decaying shows war for what it really is: a horrible crime that destroys both property and lives.

The production is thick and crunchy. Even though these guys come from Finland, their music has a distinctly Swedish tone. The drums play a lot simple blast beats that are also heavily influenced by the Swedish scene, but they also play a lot of great mid-paced rhythms and fills. The snare has a tremendous amount of impact to it and the great cymbal work helps to add to the carnage. They also play some military-style drum rolls as if to exemplify the fact that war is where the old and bitter trick the young and naive into killing each other.

The vocals consist of two distinct styles. One is a deep, hoarse growl that again reminds me of the Swedish death metal scene. The other is a sickly, disgusting shout that reminds me of John Tardy of Obituary. I love it. It’s a perfect reflection of the terror one feels when they’re trying to hide from a rain of bombs that level their homes and scar the earth with their blasts. Best of all is the guitars. They play a lot of supremely heavy riffs that have a Swedish tone to them. Sometimes they’ll play fast blitzkrieg shredding and other times they’ll play riffs that lean more towards the doomy end of the equation. They also make sure to add a few solos that utterly tear up the fretboard.

This was an amazing album. Through their rampaging drums, grisly vocals, and monstrous riffs, Decaying present to us the grim reality of war. It’s not something glorious or majestic or prestigious. Ordinary men are sent off to die just to enrich the political elites of their respective nations. Those who survive the carnage are left with broken souls. They will be forever haunted by the faces of those they have killed. This is why I love The Last Days of War so much. Not only does it have powerful music, it also sends a powerful message.

Decaying - The Last Days of War

01. Preparation
02. Code Name Overlord
03. The Ardennes Offensive
04. Firestorm
05. The Last Days Of War
06. Passchendaele
07. El Alamein
08. The Pacific


Decaying are:
Matias Nastolin – Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Henri Hirvonen – Guitars
Benjam Lahdenpää – Drums
Sebastian Bergman – Bass

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