Release Review: Tides From Nebula – Eternal Movement

The Polish band Tides From Nebula has been around for a few years now – their latest offering, Eternal Movement, being their third. Made up of largely five minute songs, with a couple of longer pieces, it has a definite prog feel to it. Mellow moments lead up to heavier climaxes, all of which have the groove to get your head bobbing. A good example of this is “Satori”, which has a recurring melody that is catchy and melodic, not to mention the heavier drums present in the track.

Then there’s the centrepiece of the album, “Emptiness of Yours and Mine”, which at just over seven minutes long is perhaps the most interesting piece. It has a slow build up towards an eerie and dark interlude, followed by a build-up into what might be the best moment of the album (no spoilers here – go listen to it for yourself). Either way, it’s definitely my personal favourite of the album. From there, the next three songs carry on in much the same vein as the first, lending a cohesion to the album with a definite feel of beautiful melodies and heavy sections with an underlying beat to ground it – all of which is topped off by the nine minute conclusion, “Up From Eden”.

It’s easy to see why such a band has been compared to countrymen Riverside, but with everything that can be found any one song from this album, there’s also a semblance to sludgier post-rock. All in all, it’s an interesting album. The lack of vocals leads to a heavier focus on the guitars and the layers of elements found in progressive and more ambient music has the potential to appeal to a larger audience than the band currently enjoys, whether it makes for something to be a regular listen or an experience reserved for certain moods evoking a desire for the more astral and ethereal qualities.

Tides From Nebula - Eternal Movement

1. Laughter Of Gods
2. Only With Presence
3. Satori
4. Emptiness Of Yours & Mine
5. Hollow Lights
6. Now Run
7. Let It Out, Let It Flow, Let It Fly
8. Up From Eden

Tides From Nebula

Tides From Nebula are:
Adam Waleszyński – guitar
Maciej Karbowski – guitar, keys, piano
Przemek Węgłowski – bass
Tomasz Stołowski – drums

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