IRON KINGDOM: Stream Sophomore Album! [MetalRecusants Exclusive]

Time to go back to the 80s! Iron Kingdom from Canada play in the traditional style of heavy metal. Think early era Maiden with a blend of classic German heavy metal and all you need more is to stand up and play that air guitar while headbanging till you can’t feel your neck. Earlier this April the band self-released their second full-length, titled Gates of Eternity, and now they are releasing it on cassette via the new important label in the underground: Tridroid Records. The label is also releasing the band’s 2011 debut Curse of the Voodoo Queen. The cassettes are only $1 each and limited edition so hurry while stocks last!

In order to give you a full taste of the band’s music, we have teamed up with Tridroid to stream Gates of Eternity in its entirety! Click play below; we promise you are in for a treat. This up and coming act definitely has the potential to become the new “classic” heavy metal act – no more false metal, this is the real thing!

[audio:,,,,,,,, | titles=At the Gates,Chains of Solitude,Demon of Deception,Candeloro,Guardian Angel,At Home in the Dark,Crowned in Iron,Egypt (The End Is Near),Shadow of Death]

Gates of Eternity cover Iron Kingdom

Gates of Eternity tracklisting:
1. At the Gates
2. Chains of Solitude
3. Demon of Deception
4. Candeloro
5. Guardian Angel
6. At Home in the Dark
7. Crowned in Iron
8. Egypt (The End is Near)
9. Shadow of Death

Iron Kingdom is a traditional heavy metal band from Surrey, B.C. Canada bringing back the classic sounds of 70s and 80s Metal. Inspired by groups such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, The Scorpions,and Rush.

The group was re-formed in 2011 by Chris Osterman, along with Amanda Osterman and Leighton Holmes. Chris brings star power and is an exhilarating guitarist with a wide vocal range that leaves audiences wanting more. Amanda (Chris’ sister) has been classically trained, laying the refined beat that sets the dynamic foundation for the group. Bass guitarist Leighton Holmes brings poetically dark lyrics and classic finger style playing that adds to the tight rhythm section. In the fall of 2011 Kenny Kroecher joined the group adding the excitement of duel lead guitars and intricate guitar rhythms that compliment Chris’ guitar style.

The band will be on tour in Europe in 2014 (including Keep it True Festival) so keep checking their official website and Facebook for up-to-date info! Head over to Tridroid Records to order your copy and have a look at their other releases.

Iron Kingdom band

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