Live Report: Hamburg Metal Dayz 2013 – Day 2

Day 2 of the 2nd Hamburg Metal Dayz festival begins for us once again with some literature. Micha-El Goehre reads excerpts from his book “Jungsmusik” as well as some texts he wrote as a column for Legacy Magazine. Goehre seems to be a nice and likeable guy and his texts are funny so it’s a pleasure to have them read to us.

Hamburg Metal Dayz

Meanwhile, there is another panel being held about the truths of being on tour. Here people who never experienced a tour get some information and behind the scenes stories from tour managers and merchandisers about what it’s like to be on the road with a band for some time. The stories are interesting for the most part and I think that some people have now a much more accurate idea of what being on tour is like.

After that it’s time for the first band of this day. The New Black are about to enter the stage in the Markthalle. The New Black play a kind of modern alternative rock. “An alternative for what?” you may ask. Well I don’t know. To me they don’t sound interesting at all, so we leave after a few songs. At least some parts of the audience seem to enjoy the gig. And I can’t say that the band plays bad or anything, but they’re just not my cup of tea. Here I have to say that, in comparison to the day before, the audience is now not mostly consisting of 18-year-old teens. It’s much more diverse and we can see people of almost every age group.

Well, time for another workshop. This time it’s Victor Smolski’s time to show us some nice tricks and exercises for the guitar. I sometimes feel a little lost in all the tech talk (and wonder how he manages to maintain such a magnificent hairdo) but most of other guitar players in the room can follow Victor’s tutorial quite well. And even though I’m not the biggest fan of his music I have to admit, this man can shred!

Orden Ogan @Hamburg Metal Dayz 2013 (Germany)Picture courtesy of N.N. Photography

Now it’s time for Orden Ogan. The band is being led on stage by two futuristic soldiers with guns and are forced to play for us, but nonetheless seem to enjoy their show. And we and the audience do too. I don’t know. This is really not the kind of music I would listen to at home (although I like some Power Metal every once in a while) and I think their music videos are really laughable (and not the good kind); but Orden Ogan somehow manage to make a real good show. It’s entertaining as hell and the guys seem so nice and likeable, that it’s hard not to smile and enjoy ourselves. Okay, the keyboards are again pre-recorded and playback, as well as the choirs, which I fairly dislike. But at that point Orden Ogan is not the first band to be doing this so I kinda gave in to this approach, although I’m still not comfortable with it. Their show has a lot of energy and the crowd is pretty much into them and we would like to see their full set but we have to go back to the Marxx where 5th Avenue are about to begin their set.

5th Avenue are part of the Wacken Open Air history as they played at the first W:O:A and during the three following years as well as 1995, the same year they split up. But now they are back and were invited to play Hamburg Metal Dayz as one of only two local bands (the other one being Paragon, see below). Well what can I say that doesn’t sound too harsh? Let’s put it this way: If I wanted to convert someone to metal and rock music, 5th Avenue is not among the bands I would show this person. They seem too generic and radio friendly. Surely not bad musicians on a technical level, but their songs seem really boring and the band doesn’t fit well enough into the event. But at least they have a few fans back from the day to support their gig. And by the way: wearing shirts of your own band is a crime that should be prohibited.

Rage @Hamburg Metal Dayz 2013 (Germany)Picture courtesy of N.N. Photography

Back to the Markthalle where this night’s headliner Rage are playing. I have to say that as much as I enjoy some of their stuff from the late 80s to early 90s, I really don’t like most of the stuff that came afterwards. So I’m not that much thrilled to see them live in 2013. But I have to say that these guys know what they’re doing. They are professionals and even when you don’t like much of their music (like I do myself) you have to admit that they can make a really good show. And with some classic songs on their setlist there are some nice moments during their gig, even though Peavey sometimes cannot reach some of the higher notes. But all in all it’s a good show.

And once again we have to leave early to get back to the Marxx to see the last band for this day. On our arrival Paragon are already playing their set. As said above they are the 2nd local band this year. They play an old-school kind of power metal. I must say, I don’t find much interesting stuff in their songwriting and their singer’s voice is quite annoying so we leave after a few songs.

Words by Fabian Körting & Nikolai Nivera

Stay tuned for the 3rd and last report of the Hamburg Metal Dayz! Check out the full gallery of day two courtesy of N.N. Photography below:

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