Release Review: Life Against Death – Life Against Death

If you’re a fan of fuming, angry, violent, filthy brutality that is likely to induce either a hole in a wall or a broken fist, then Life Against Death’s self-titled album should provide you with more than enough incentive.

For those that don’t know, Life Against Death, hailing from Vancouver, are of a very rare breed. They combine the classical elements of old-school punk; the fast paced, no-BS, straight up madness. They have based that core sound and merged it with conventions of older thrash metal, which ranges from the slower raw-sounding blare to the nasty and intense riffwork which ignites a fuse in even the most uninspired thrash critiques. You put that hybrid and turn up the viciousness to level 10 and that sums up Life Against Death, the latest hate-filled release that is sure to twist faces and ache minds.

Right from the opening riff in “Cyanosis”, Life Against Death nails a brutal Bruce Lee roundhouse kick to the face using their punk-thrash blend, and there are plenty more to come. There are profuse periods of rapid chords, but then are equalled with chuggy, deep riffs downtuned enough to wreck your neck, but that’s par for the course in this sheer insanity. “Meat Grin” is truly reminiscent of the thrash and death demographic, featuring a surplus of Annihilator, Testament and Exodus influenced axe work.

The vocals are perhaps the most interesting of all. Not only do they range from high-pitched full-throttle shrieks to guttural low exhaled death growls, but they come from the voice of a young lady going by the name of Twitch. An oxymoron if I ever heard one.

Life Against Death has many standout qualities, and if you’re going to take anything from listening to the album it’s that the band are pissed off. The pure raw-boned aggression on display, judging by the song titles, suggest a hatred for social injustice, demonization and class diversity. But perhaps more importantly, Life Against Death is an album that provides the need for the old-school, the destructive and the hostile. And that’s what makes it so passionate. It supplies an already very niche audience with just what they need, but Life Against Death need a little more variety and range in their sound if they are going to reach the attention of more metal fans.

Certainly a band to keep an eye out for. Well done lady and gentlemen.

Life Against Death - Life Against Death

1. Cyanosis
2. Judgement Is Over
3. Meat Grin
4. Emergency
5. The Poet
6. Cowschwitz
7. Blue Collar Blues
8. Testify
9. Two On Three

Life Against Death live photo 1

Life Against Death are:
Brett Roothless – Guitar
Scott Free – Drums
Twitch – Vocals
Steve Huston – Bass

More Life Against Death:

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