Release Review: Tyrants Blood – Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tyrants Blood is an extreme metal act hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band has been around since 2006 and Into the Kingdom of Graves is the group’s third full length release. Their back discography includes two full length releases: Tyrants Blood released in 2006 and Crushing Onwards into Oblivion released in 2010.

Tyrants Blood plays death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, BrainDrill, Severe Torture or Dying Fetus, the music is fast and unrelenting with indecipherably brutal vocals. While their music isn’t trend setting, Into the Kingdom of Graves is still a solid album. I appreciate how the group isn’t afraid to include instrumental tracks like “Within Outer Scars”, not only does this song demonstrate the skill level of the musicians but it also shows another facet of their music. After listening to this instrumental track I could pick out bass and drum lines on other songs I had missed. In a strange way, this instrumental track, trained my ears to appreciate Tyrants Blood style of death metal more.

It’s too cold outside to conduct my famed “intersection test” so I developed a new way to rate the gore. I call my new test the “Parking Lot Experiment” or “PLE” for short. In this scenario I pull into a busy parking plaza with my windows down and blast death/black metal. I make it a point to observe people’s responses which are generally angered, scared or indifferent depending on the voracity of the group. The more negative responses, the better the album!

The “PLE” went quite well, the back-masking found at the album’s opening really had a bunch of smokers at my local shopping mall spooked, one lady even made the sign of the cross! Awesome tracks like “Fragments of a Dying World” and “Decree of the Dead” had mothers dragging their children into the mall at high speed. An elderly couple even passed up on a front row parking spot because it was next to me! Needless to say I found their repulsion gloriously amusing.

Tyrants Blood’s new release isn’t trend setting but that’s not the point of death metal, it’s vocalized brutality and some groups execute their message better than others. Tyrants Blood understands this mentality and they deliver the goods. \m/

Tyrants Blood - Into the Kingdom of Graves

1. Spiral Sea
2. Disowned and Defiled
3. Revelations in Damnation
4. Conjure the Watcher
5. Destroyer
6. Fragments Of A Dying World
7. Drowning In An Ocean of Fire
8. Within Outer Scars
9. Decree of the Dead
10. Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tyrants Blood band photo

Tyrants Blood are:
Brian Langley – Vocals
Vinnie Borden – Bass & vocals
Marco Banco – Guitar
Matt Modder – Drums

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