NEAR RUIN: Reveal New Album Title. To Release New Song Tomorrow!

Maidstone’s Near Ruin will finally release the first song from their new album tomorrow. The statement, which includes details exclusive to MetalRecusants reads:

Tomorrow we upload ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ from our new CD titled No End. The CD will feature 10 all new songs, one of which will be “Relinquish”. Our new album is going to be an evolution of the sound we forged on Rebirth but will also feature a dose of experimentation to push our sound in new directions. Smoke & Mirrors is a track where we have experimented with our synth side that we first played with on our B-side from Rebirth “Read between the Lines”.

Bassist Luke Knight states exclusively to MetalRecusants: “While synths will play more of a part on this CD than they did in Rebirth, we still have heavy focus on the guitar and piano work that people loved from Rebirth.

The artwork below is also a slight variation of the albums artwork, so check the facebook page for more exciting updates.

Near Ruin No End cover

Smoke & Mirrors is available as a free download on 18/12/2013.

Near Ruin on Facebook and YouTube.

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