Live Report: Kataklysm/Krisiun/Fleshgod Apocalypse @ The Underworld, London – Jan 13th 2014

How often does a death metal bill come around where even the opening band have been around for a few years and gathered a worldwide fanbase? The Underworld in Camden had a scorcher of a death metal lineup booked for tonight, with three bands from three different continents laying down their interpretations of the extreme and multifaceted genre. Hold on to your hats ladies and lads, and enter the land of blastbeats.


The crowd were fired up and ready to go from the start, greeting Fleshgod Apocalypse with a hearty cheer. The Italian gentlemen were dressed in their trademark “exhumed baroque” suits, joined by soprano Veronica Bordacchini, who was tucked away round the corner. What followed was a predictably blistering set, drawing from their two most recent releases, in a whirlwind of orchestral death metal. Unfortunately, the orchestral part from keyboardist Francesco Ferrini (on a modified old-fashioned piano no less!) drowned in the sound mix, overpowered by the technical guitar work and Francesco Paoli’s frankly jaw-dropping drumming. Tracks such as “The Violation” allowed bassist Paolo Rossi to flourish, showing off his famed pseudo-operatic high notes that contrasted with Tommaso Riccardi’s more standard grunting, although the latter’s engaging crowd interaction more than compensated. Their choice of closer couldn’t have been better; “The Forsaking” is a stunning track already on CD with its melancholic groove, made even more poignant with Riccardi’s revelation that the song has a very personal if unrevealed, meaning to him. As the crowd gave one loud final applause, there was no doubt that Fleshgod were a perfect choice for this tour, and they nailed their set with grandeur.

Fleshgod ApocalypsePicture courtesy of Vivien Varga

Krisiun knocked the crowd flat, simple as that. The Brazilian brothers already had a reputation for a fierce live show, but they must have paid extra postage for the death metal riffs they brought. After a couple of warmup tracks, “Combustion Inferno” kicked in with its blasting drum work and thundering guitars, limbs started flying in spectacular fashion, with one particular moronic stage diver missing the crowd when jumping. Concerning stage interaction, apparently bassist/vocalist Alex Carmago wished to marry his Brazilian passion with British politeness, as he repeatedly thanked the crowd and reminded them that “Krisiun are nothing without you crazy motherfuckers” between almost every song. Back to the music, vicious moments cropped up in “Vengeance’s Revelation” and “Blood Of Lions”, but the crowd went truly ballistic when they whipped out a cover of a British classic. Venom’s “Black Metal”, Krisiun style, is a sight to behold, and the guys truly did lay down their souls to the gods rock n’ roll during the remainder of their set, a reminder why they are considered one of the best live death metal bands around.

KrisiunPicture courtesy of Vivien Varga

Finally, it was time for some “Northern Hyperblast”, served by Kataklysm. The four Canadians certainly won on-stage presence, particularly frontman Maurizio Iacono, who had a well-developed knack for getting the entire crowd on board with their melodic-tinged death metal, aided by his wide-ranging harsh vocals. While naturally they were there to promote their new album Waiting For The End To Come, the band did a fair job of covering the latter half of their quarter-century career, stretching into the past with “Of Shadows And Dust” and “Blood On The Swans”. Most of the songs got a roar of approval, although “Taking The World By Storm” and “Iron Will” stand out in memory as definite crowd-shakers, the latter creating complete pandemonium. The signature hyperblasts were out in force from the feet of Olivier Beaudoin, obliterating eardrums as quickly as the riffs were. It seemed almost expected that there would be a drum solo to show off Beaudoin’s skills, although the rest of the time the spotlight was firmly on Iacono. He had the audience under control right until the final song, an unexpected encore of “Crippled & Broken” where the crowd surprised even themselves with the energy they had left over.

“Crippled and broken” also describes roughly how the audience felt when Kataklysm finished up their set. As the audience shuffled off into the night, the wreckage on the floor of cups and bottles said everything you needed to know about this gig: carnage, riotous and damn good fun, just as death metal should be.

KataklysmPicture courtesy of Vivien Varga

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    I was the stage diver! Brutal night \m/ i also created the wall of death \m/

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    Moronic? Bit harsh lol

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