Discover: Lamentations of the Ashen

Lamentations of the Ashen is the solo project of Bon Vincent Fry, created in 2007 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The project’s first release was the 2008 EP In Distance (Implorations Unto the Wind), followed by the split Harrowing of Innocence with French black metal band Désolation and the first full length In the Burden of the Heart’s Plaint in 2010.

EKIMMV is the project’s second full-length album, originally released in 2011 as a digital download, and has recently been released in cassette format by Contaminated Tones Productions. Mixing black metal with doom and adding elements of post-rock and drone, EKIMMV is a bleak record with lengthy compositions and an intense atmosphere.

Fry is currently working on a third album for Lamentations of the Ashen, but in the meantime listen to the song “Viperine Shades Linger Quiescent Among Erstwhile Passions” from EKIMMV.

[audio: | titles=Viperine Shades Linger Quiescent Among Erstwhile Passions]


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