Release Review: The King Is Blind – Bleeding The Ascension (EP)

If the term ‘monolithic metal’ didn’t describe a fiercely delivered and intelligently constructed hybrid of death, extreme, doom and black metal to the highest degree, then nothing else will. As the word death metal encompasses a field widely experimental and invariably ostentatious, the blending of multiple other genres only broadens the conventions in which to practise, and in turn give us all something quite memorable.

The King Is Blind, hailing from East Anglia in the UK, impose precisely that kind of composition; one that is vividly dense, technically varied and qualified in brutality. As such, possessing the vibes of legendary bands in the fields of death metal, black metal and doom metal, has proven to be one of their most empowering qualities – enter Bleeding The Ascension.

Their first promo EP comprises of four tracks that are tantamount tributes to bands such as Emperor, Death and Carcass, in so far as The King Is Blind’s visceral authenticity is astonishingly vibrant and dark. As we begin with ‘Mors Somnis’, there starts a pre-eminence of the demonic, snarly vocals over a punishingly robust guitar pace, as if deliberately slow to prolong the sheer vicariousness of the music.

Deep in tone, slow in speed and emphasised only by the aggressiveness of the playing, the instrumental progression is something admirable. As the music drifts into ambient chords, The King Is Blind immediately re-emerge with the furiously heavy, ominously evil and incredibly fast death metal we have been craving since the start.

And it is that vibe which continues into ‘What Is Will Not’, a distinctly more rhythmic but equally malevolent track. A colossally intimidating composition that possesses all the necessary pieces, including a surplus of tremolo leads over an immensely varied drum sequence that is notorious for its gruellingly deep tone.

‘War In Christendom’ begins at a different pace, but majestic in its amazingly constructed death vibe – displaying incredible precision and immense force behind the instrumental work. The vocals are as powerful as always, and the consistency of the black metal experimentation, as the atmospheric chords permeate the polyrhythmic drum pace continues to impress.

‘Revelation, Apocalypse’ ties off the EP adequately, beginning as a quiet, slow foreshadow of more punishing death metal. Ominously slow, primevally deep and explicitly dark. The slower pace continues dishing out more furious death riffs that can only fit the vibe better with doom-influenced flavours, accurately placed and fitting.

Bleeding The Ascension possesses all the favoured qualities of death metal, and anything from black to doom to extreme metal that really has to be heard to be truly appreciated. Fantastic all around and the more authentic death blends we can expect from them, the better.

The whole EP can be streamed from their Bandcamp page (see link below).

The King Is Blind - Bleeding The Ascension - cover

1. Mors Somnis
2. What Is Will Not
3. War In Christendom
4. Revelation, Apocalypse

The King Is Blind are:
Lee Appleton – Guitar
Steve Tovey – Bass / Larynx & Pharynx
Paul Ryan – Guitar
Barney Monger – Drums

The King is Blind band

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