Release Review: Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Eternal

Infernal Rock Eternal is Norwegian traditional metal band Chrome Division‘s fourth major release, which came out in January 2014. With a sound similar to Motörhead, and with an 80s vibe, can this modern band stand up against heavy metal classics?

The album starts out with a typical heavy metal intro, including acoustic guitars. It then kicks into the first real song, “Endless Nights”, which begins with a talk box that is used as a hook throughout the song. It was annoying at first, but after a few listens, it fits. The number is an enjoyable one, with catchy riffs and lyrics. But after that, my interest was lost. All of the songs sounded more of the same. Nothing stood out for me. There were a few nice hooks in the duration, but overall the songs don’t feel distinct. This album blends in with the rest of the modern bands with an 80s metal vibe.

Lyrically, it’s mostly “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll,” which isn’t necessarily bad, but those topics get stale pretty quickly. Vocalist Shady Blue does a good job on the mic. He is in the same realm as other hoarse, yet clean singers such as Lemmy and Wino. The musicianship is great as well. I have no problem with this album on a technical level, it’s mainly the songwriting, which is often generic. The album title is fun, as well as the album cover with a skeleton and tommy guns. It fits the music well.

The album isn’t bad, just really mediocre. The songs are fun at times, but it really feels like “been there, done that” mostly. If you’re a big fan of Motörhead, 80s metal, or modern traditional metal, check it out; if not, it is easily skippable.

Chrome Division - Infernal Rock Eternal

1. Good Morning Riot (Instrumental)
2. Endless Nights
3. (She’s) Hot Tonight
4. The Absinthe Voyage
5. Lady of Perpetual Sorrow
6. The Moonshine Years
7. No Bet for Free
8. On the Run Again
9. Mistress in Madness
10. Reaper on the Hunt
11. You’re Dead Now
12. Øl

Chrome Division is:
Shady Blue – Vocals
Damage – Lead Guitar
Shagrath – Rhythm Guitar
Ogee – Bass
Tony White – Drums

Chrome Division

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