Video Review: The Tower – Hic Abundant Leones

Swedish rock band The Tower recently released their debut album Hic Abundant Leones through Bad Omen Records. Their ’60s blues/psychedelic vibe is an intriguing one. How does it stand against bands of that era? Check out our video review below.

The Tower

1. Non Omnis Moriar
2. Adrenalawine
3. Exile
4. Lucy
5. Lions at the Gate
6. Pine Tree Mary
7. Moonstoned
8. Wounds
9. The Tower

Erik – Vocals
August – Guitar
Viktor – Bass
Tommie – Drums

The Tower band

More The Tower:

Bad Omen Records

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Spencer Maxwell is a filmmaker and devoted metalhead. His favorite genres are heavy and doom metal, with his top bands being Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Candlemass, Pentagram, and Saint Vitus.

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