Release Review: Nekrogoblikon – Power (EP)

Nekrogoblikon is a band you cannot take seriously. After all, this is a band that has a man running around on stage dressed as a goblin (called John Goblikon) entertaining the crowd. They’ve toured with Limp Bizkit and shared the stage at festivals with bands like Chthonic, Finntroll and Swashbuckle. Their EP Power runs short of nineteen minutes and the best way to describe it is as a short blast of silly entertainment.

Nekrogoblikon are a band that is hard to pin down to a genre, they describe themselves as goblin metal but in reality they contain elements of melodic death metal, nu metal and metalcore. Don’t let the tags nu metal and metalcore put you off; life is too short to worry about genre tagging. Nekrogoblikon’s songs are best used for party situations and for listening with friends. This doesn’t make them a comedy band, but the intention to make their fans laugh is clear. With songs about crickets eating mankind and giraffes present on the EP, this is not an EP full of rousing songs about political realism. Opening song ‘Friends in Space’ contains the lyric “things, things in space, lots of things!” while the final track of the EP ends with the band yelling ‘giraffe’. The single and best song on the album ‘Powercore’ contains the lyrics “More disappointing than a box of rats on Christmas. More worthless than a dumpster filled with pogs (POGS!)”.

It is clear that Nekrogoblikon are here to entertain. Obviously with EPs some songs are stronger than others but the EP is too short and silly to cause distress. Vocalist Scorpion emulates The Black Dahlia Murder with his vocals while some of the solos on the album would make the TBDM proud, especially on fourth track ‘Bells & Whistles’. The EP contains songs fit for parties with mad, infectious choruses and songs for head banging and air guitaring. As the EP ends with the band yelling ‘Giraffe’, a huge smile on my face appeared. I don’t know how long the novelty of ‘Goblin Metal’ will last, but Nekrogoblikon have many years of partying and entertaining left in their system. Hail John Goblikon!

Nekrogoblikon Power EP Cover

1. Friends (in Space)
2. Nothing but Crickets
3. Powercore
4. Bells & Whistles
5. Giraffe

Nekrogoblikon Band Photo

Nekrogoblikon are:
Scorpion – Vocals, Keyboards
Goldberg – Guitars, Backup vocals
Fingers – Bass
Bready – Drums
Raptor – Keyboards

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