ENTHRONED’s NORNAGEST: “Every Performance is a Personal Ritual” [Audio Interview]

Among the many awesome bands performing at this year’s Maryland Deathfest was the cult act Enthroned. This was not only the band’s first performance ever at this respectable event but this is the first time the band has performed on US soil since their Pentagrammaton World Tour in 2010. Therefore, this was definitely a show not to miss, which as expected was full with evil atmosphere and consisted of amazing tracks old and new, including tracks off the latest release Sovereigns. To experience Enthroned live is more than seeing a few guys in corpse paint playing their songs; an Enthroned show is all about the atmosphere which the band produces through the song execution and performance. However for Nornagest and Enthroned there is more to a concert – it is a ritual.

In the audio interview below, Nornagest shines a little bit more light on what the deal is all about Enthroned’s concert rituals. He also talks to me about moshing during black metal gigs and the difference in playing America and Europe. Nornagest also comments about what kind of “other tissues” the band used in the artwork to the new album, Sovereigns (reviewed here) and he tells us about his relation to Cronos of Venom. Listen to the chat below. Oh, and he does not like American beer. At all.


Enthroned band 2014

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Enthroned online:

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