SUMMONING’s PROTECTOR: “Metal Music Does Not Suit Nazism, Fascism or Any Racist Ideologies”

Protector, from the band Summoning, has issued a political statement on the band’s website. He argues that metal or rock music – and any kind of sub-culture – does not suit Nazism, Fascism or any racist ideologies.

Summoning - Protector

Protector claims: “Actually, Summoning was never accused of being connected to this scene, and so there is no need to defend us or excuse anything. The reason I write is that I think it’s a pity the scene is tending more and more in this direction, and therefore working to its own extinction. Also, I think there is a lack of information coming from the non-national socialist side, information which needs to be said as no one else does it. At the beginning I never wanted to associate Summoning with any kind of political topics as our music is not connected to reality at all, but as national socialism-supporting bands are constantly spreading their political thoughts, I think the time has come to finally stand up and show people that Nazism is not the only ideology of the current metal scene.

Here are some of his points:

“Metal music has historically been heavily influenced by black music. First there was blues music done mainly by black people, then rock developed from blues, and finally metal developed from rock music. Metal has no roots in any of the old Germanic tribes at all. Any metal fan thinking that his music is an Aryan one is simply wrong, and singing German does not make this music traditional white music. Nazis in the third reich called music like blues (as well as jazz) “nigger music” and therefore would also not have liked metal music either.”

“Apart from the black blues influences of metal music there are lots of other non-Aryan influences in metal. The bass drum used in metal music derived from the bass drum used in jazz, which is originally the Turkish bass drum “davul”. Cymbals of any kind have Chinese roots, also with Turkish influences. The same goes for tom toms.”

“All of these modern Nazis who use the ‘fracture letters’ because they think they are Nazi-styled should know that those letters where forbidden in 1941 by the NSDAP regime because they found out that they have centuries-old Jewish roots – the font was called “schwabacher judenlettern”.”

“Slavonic people where not considered Aryan by Hitler, and all of these Polish NSBM bands who think he was just wrong and that Nazis love the Polish people shall check the lyrics of a well known German Nazi rock band Landser, called “Polakentango”. Polish people are pure scum for real German Nazis. If you are from Poland and need to be proud about something, rather be proud of great artists like Stanislaw Lem, Zdzislaw Beksinski, or even Marian Rejewski :-), than support Nazi propaganda.”

“All those Varg Vikernes-admirers thinking that a nation can only survive if it is clean and pure should take a short look at the Ottoman empire that was an extremely multi-cultural nation and lasted 624 years – that’s 52 times longer than The Third Reich :-). I know that the Ottoman empire behaved awfully to other countries and I did not mean to offend any person in those countries (because I realised how sensitive Nazis are concerning that). I do not mention the Ottoman empire because i adore it – actually they did nothing else than Hitler wanted to: try to conquer the world. I mention it to show that different ethnic groups don’t need to fight with each other. For example in Austria you just need to take a look in the telephone book and read the different names there, you will see that 30% of all names are Slavonic ones, because during the centuries and decades people in Austria got mixed together a lot, and there was never a problem about it. No one will ever notice a difference between people with such names and people with pure German names. Those people look, speak and feel like pure Austrians (some of them even are against foreigners despite their non-Austrian names).”

Read the whole statement here.

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