MARTIN of ASPHYX Talks MDF, USA, New Drummer, Metal and Beer [Video Interview]

The Asphyx show at this year’s Maryland Deathfest was undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s edition. It wasn’t just death metal. Anyone can play that. Asphyx proved why they are one of the most important death metal bands out there. Not only historically because they were formed in 1987 but they proved it quality-wise. Their performance was filled with passion which united everyone in the venue, Ram’s Head Live. Every single person was headbanging, whether that person was downstairs or hanging from the balcony – hair was flying around everywhere.

Before the show, I managed to talk to vocalist, Martin van Drunen, and after talking to him one can understand why Asphyx are such a power machine on stage. The reason is because he is a truly down to earth person – metal definitely needs that – and, moreover, he lives, breathes and shits heavy metal.

In this interview, Martin talks about Maryland Deathfest, and how it has improved over the years, touring the US and tells us that even if the relationship with new drummer, Stefan Hüskens, is really great, everyone – Stefan included – wants Bob Bagchus back behind the drumkit. I talk with Martin about the long relationship with Century Media Records and about American beer, which he actually finds decent. Martin has a lot say so make sure you stop what you are doing and watch the chat below with one of the greatest vocalists in death metal!

Asphyx Martin van Drunen MDF 2014 interview

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