Release Review: Soliloquium – A Night Of Burdens (EP)

It’s not often that a doom/death metal band releases a 3-track EP featuring one original track, a cover of a gothic metal band and a cover of The Cranberries. Yet Sweden’s Soliloquium have done just that with their latest offering, A Night Of Burdens. While essentially a covers EP, the band execute their trademark heaviness and slow, atmospheric doom-death ambience over what could theoretically be musically appropriate, fit for an original release.

Their only original mantra is the EP’s opener, “Perpetual State Of Panic”, which is a two-minute acoustic and effervescent ballad-esque number. Not normally is this the opening sequence for an otherwise [predominantly] progressive death metal release, as these types of songs are better suited as outros or intermissions between 10-minute opuses. The song does have excellent melody and an otherwise beautifully harmonic tone though, and is very welcoming to the ears. Soliloquium’s melodic side is very graciously accepted. More of this please.

As we move halfway through the EP, we are graced with a rendition of Paradise Lost’s “Forever Failure”, from their Draconian Times… erm…times. Soliloquium execute the vibe of PL as expected with their raspy-yet-atmospheric doom-meets-prog undertones taking precedence over the suitably gothic original. The melodic leads stick in the mind and the brutal death growls pose a presence that would be suited to any progressive, sluggish song. The fluctuating between clean vocals and the aforementioned snarls as well as the clean-toned guitar to the furious solo makes for a very dense listen.

It is with “Zombie” however, where the EP becomes most memorable. Certainly I am no expert in determining how a doom metal cover of an Irish rock protest song should sound, but the tonal quality, overall vibe and rhythmic progression of Soliloquium’s rendition is interesting and, to be quite frank, fantastic. With The Cranberries’ original possessing that grungy-raspy tone interspersed with clean and atmospheric breaks, Soliloquium do all of that with the heaviness being the key exemplifier. Stefan Nordström does not experiment with his clean voice in “Zombie” as he does in the previous two songs. I can’t help but feel this song would have been the perfect opportunity to demonstrate more of the same magic. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic cover, riddled with melody that compliments the heavy nature of the rhythmic portions.

A very enjoyable EP that could potentially be offering an indication of a slightly different Soliloquium in the near future.

Soliloquium - A Night of Burdens

1. Perpetual State Of Panic
2. Forever Failure (Paradise Lost cover)
3. Zombie (The Cranberries cover)


Soliloquium are:
Stefan Nordström – guitars/vocals
Jonas Bergkvist – bass
Mortuz – drums

More Soliloquium:

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