DARK FORTRESS: To Release New Album

German black metal band Dark Fortress will release their new album, titled Venereal Dawn, this year. The album is scheduled for a release on September 1st in Europe and Australia/New Zealand and September 2nd in the USA and Canada.

“What happens to life on earth if the fragile laws of nature are altered even by a little bit? How can the human psyche deal with the perspective of inevitable extinction? How far can the human soul be stripped before its essence vanishes completely? Can we contain the implications of forced and radical evolution and the insanity it brings?” These are questions raised by Dark Fortress frontman and lyricist Morean on the band’s 7th studio album. Like most previous Dark Fortress albums, Venereal Dawn is again a concept album. Its nine songs weave a tale of survival, betrayal and sacrifice in an extremely hostile environment.

Dark Fortress - Venereal Dawn

1. Venereal Dawn
2. Lloigor
3. Betrayal And Vengeance
4. Chrysalis
5. I Am The Jigsaw Of A Mad God
6. The Deep
7. Odem
8. Luciform
9. On Fever’s Wings

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