JUNGLE ROT Talk New Drummer, Num Skull, European & American Tour Dates and Slayer [Video Interview]

Having paid my dues as a metal journalist I am finally starting to reap some of the rewards. The biggest for me is the relationships I have forged with some artists. After you interview a band a couple of times, you start to get an inside glimpse into how that band/individual works. Deep down I think a lot of these musicians are artist/fans because metal boasts a vivid history and knows how to celebrate its brethren.

I wanted Jungle Rot to be my first video interview because they are one of my favorite death metal bands and I know they are as true to the craft as you can fucking get!

Jungle Rot band 2013

J-Rot is based in Kenosha, Wisconsin but they have basically been adopted by the Chicago metal scene; they’ve been a part of extreme culture here longer than I can remember. Jungle Rot is undeniably one of the hardest working bands I’ve ever followed. I grew up on their classic death metal style, the mosh pit riffs and stripped down voracity that made you want to tear the fucking venue apart! I know about the numerous setbacks the band has experienced from my multiple interviews with front man Dave Matrise but I also know he has a ‘metallic will’ and this is the most visible Jungle Rot has ever been.

The group’s upcoming stints in Europe, pending US Dates with Suffocation and eventual follow up release to Terror Regime (reviewed here) is sure to put them atop the death metal heap.

Check out my latest J-Rot interview below.

Thanks again to Dave Matrise, James ‘Jimmy’ Genenz and Geoff Bub for all your time and for keeping your trademark style of death metal alive in my city! \m/

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  1. Andrew Hardin // July 9, 2014 at 11:20 pm // Reply

    Can’t wait to see the interview that he did with Boris and myself.

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