Release Review: Just Before Dawn – The Aftermath

Just Before Dawn is more than just a name of a vastly under appreciated slasher film, it’s the moniker of an international death metal act started by Anders Biazzi of Blood Mortized. Conceived in 2012 as a two man project, the number of participating musicians has now ballooned to eight active members! Everyone brings something to the table, the artists include: Rogga Johansson from Paganizer, Gustav Myrin from Blood Mortized and Ralf Hauber from Revel in Flesh.

The music of Just Before Dawn has been described by the band as ‘Steamroller Death Metal’ and I can’t think of a better description. The style is reminiscent of classic Swedish death metal; the chugging riffs are constant and bowl you over like a steamroller. All songs are accompanied by vicious vocal attacks, which vary from song to song, depending on which artist is featured. The use of multiple vocalists keeps the music fresh and encourages repeat listens.

Initially, I was worried the sound of Just Before Dawn might be too close to Blood Mortized but I dismissed that thought after the first listen. Blood Mortized is a faster style of death metal with an emphasis on groove whereas Just Before Dawn has a classic Swedish death metal vibe.

The horrors of war dominate the lyrical themes of Just Before Dawn and the choruses are catchy and memorable. Highlight tracks for me are: “Soul Burner”, “Bastard Battalion”, “Blitzkrieg Brigade” and “Feast of the Firedemon”.

I decided to put The Aftermath to my famed ‘Intersection Test”, where I judge an album’s irritability factor on other drivers while rolling up to an intersection with my windows down and the test album jamming. The higher the revulsion, the higher the mark. I’m proud to say Just Before Dawn did quite well. Lots of drivers gave me the sour grape face and the song “Bastard Battalion” won me a gas station pump over a business woman in a Nissan Ultima.

The Aftermath is a great follow up effort to Precis Innan Gryningen, Swedish death metal may no longer hold the spotlight it once did but Anders Biazzi is determined to keep its classic style on the map! Have your soul burned by The Aftermath! \m/

Just Before Dawn - The Aftermath

1. Across the Battlefield
2. Lightning War
3. Soulburner
4. Incoming
5. Bastard Battalion
6. Death from Above
7. Device of Utter Death
8. Bastogne
9. Through the Mud
10. Blitzkrieg Brigade
11. Frontline
12. Feast of the Firedemon
13. The Aftermath

The Aftermath lineup:
Anders Biazzi – guitars/bass
Brynjar Helgetun – drums
Nick Jones – vocals (track 1, 10)
Dave Ingram – vocals (track 2)
Jonas Stålhammar – vocals (track 3)
Joakim Mikiver – vocals (track 4)
Teddy Möller – vocals (track 4)
Thomas Wouters – vocals (track 5), solos (tracks 4,5)
Gustav Myrin – vocals (track 6), solos (tracks 1,3,6,7)
Jonas Lindblood – vocals (track 6), solo (track 9)
Johan Jansson – vocals (track 7)
David Nilsson – vocals (track 8)
Mark Grewe – vocals (track 9)
Mathias Lodmalm – vocals (track 9)
Dennis Johansson – vocals (track 11)
Håkan Johansson – vocals (track 11)
Ralf Hauber – vocals (track 12)
Rick Rozz – solo (track 2)
Ronnie Björnström – solo (tracks 7, 11)
Dennis Blomberg – solo (track 9)
Mattias Borgh – percussion (track 8)

Just Before Dawn online:

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