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When I first heard the tag ‘celtic metal’ I was intrigued and had to know more about the genre. Luckily, fate sprang into action as I was asked to review Darkest Era‘s new album Severance. The band from Belfast who belong to the celtic metal family, are starting to gain a lot of approval in the metal community and with this album it is easy to see why.

This album is certainly not lacking in the epic quality, perhaps due to the fact that there is definitely a Primordial influence present at parts. But yet it doesn’t feel like a Primordial copy, even though the odd riff now and then sounds familiar. Severance is an album to marvel about, an album to sit back and enjoy, preferably in a field. The dual guitar harmonies are beautiful, Krum’s vocals are powerful and the drums work well in tandem. When listening to the album I found myself transported to a field with a massive sword on my back, locks blowing in the wind. The elements of folk and power metal are on show as well, particualy on epic track ‘The Serpent and the Shadow’, the melding of genres works extremely well. It clearly is an album of mystical proportions but at only eight tracks long I wasn’t craving more. There is a feeling though that Severance could be something more than it is, I feel something greater could come from Darkest Era but perhaps not on this album. But this is still an album for all the druids out there to enjoy.

Darkest Era are a band that have a bright future ahead of them, if they can hone their sound and improve on Severance then the world is their oyster.

Best Tracks: ‘The Serpent and the Shadow’ and ‘A Thousand Screaming Souls’

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1. Sorrow’s Boundless Realm
2. Songs Of Gods And Men
3. The Serpent And The Shadow
4. Beyond The Grey Veil
5. Trapped In The Hourglass
6. The Scavenger
7. A Thousand Screaming Souls
8. Blood, Sand And Stone

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Darkest Era are:
Krum – Vocals
Ade Mulgrew – Guitar
Sarah Wieghell – Guitar
Daniel O’Toole – Bass
Cameron Åhslund-Glass – Drums

Darkest Era online:

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