Release Review: English Dogs – The Thing With Two Heads

The English Dogs are in a sticky situation as there are two bands currently touring with the name! Original frontman, Wakey, has been performing the band’s ‘street punk’ material with the name, while the version starring Adie Bailey, Pinch and Gizz Butt have been performing punk-metal with the name English Dogs too. The Thing With Two Heads has been released by the Bailey fronted group.

This was my first experience to the world of English Dogs and after listening to this album, it’s a world I wanted to visit further. I was immediately won over by the anthemic nature of the album, the opening salvo of ‘Turn Away From The Light’, ‘Freak Boy’ and ‘Gorgonized’ was a great start to the album. These songs were catchier than an epidemic and proved that these Dogs hadn’t lost it. This album is unapologetic and uncompromising, best summed up with the track ‘Hate Song’. This acid tongued anthem was venomous and punchy, another song to add to my angry playlist. What impressed me was also the elements of thrash metal and crossover thrash on the album. The best song on the album, ‘The Thing Will Arise’, wouldn’t seem out of place on an Exodus album. It’s not all madness and thrashing though, there are some slower moments on the album. ‘Royal Flying Corpse’ contains melody and heart. The album ends with the slower ‘Rectify’ (which has a class guitar solo) and the surprising ten minute epic of ‘Down With the Underdogs’. While these songs may not be the best on the album, it does not bring the album down.

It was clear from listening to this album that these (English) Dogs had learnt new tricks and produced a surprise contender for album of the year.

Best Tracks: ‘Gorgonized’, ‘Hate Song’ and ‘The Thing Will Arise’


1. Turn Away From The Light
2. Freak Boy
3. Gorgonized
4. Hate Song
5. Ghost Note
6. Up From The Depths
7. The Thing Will Arise
8. Planet Of The Living Dead
9. Royal Flying Corpse
10. Rectify
11. Down With The Underdogs

Dogs 2014 1st pic

English Dogs are:
Adie Bailey – Vocals
Graham “Gizz” Butt – Lead Guitar
Ryan Christy- Rhythm Guitar
Craig Christy – Bass
Andrew “Pinch” Pinching – Drums

More English Dogs:

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