NEOLITH: Streaming New Material

Death metal veterans Neolith are streaming three songs from their upcoming full-length album, IZI.IM.KURNU-KI., over at Poland’s Musick Magazine. Check out the madness here. The album which translates to “Fire.Wind.Hell.” was recorded at Creative Studio
and Kola Studio (Winter 2013/2014), mixed and mastered by Tom Zalewski at Zed Studio (March 2014).


According to a press release, the new tracks are far more advanced, aggressive and brutal if you compare them to the familiar black/death metal style of Neolith you recognise from earlier recordings. The lyrics speak of the Gods that are. The Gods that have been. The Gods that shall be. The concept might seem vague, misleading and deceitful in its meaning. Make no mistake here! These
words are first and foremost to honour En-Ki – Lord of the Earth and His incredible journey from the stars to us, His flesh and blood. And yet it is just a humble touch of “The Lost Book of En-Ki”.

The cover art of IZI.IM.KURNU-KI. will be painted by Mirosław Rymar, a well known Polish painter & graphic artist.

The band is currently looking for a record label to release the album. Interested parties may contact the band at:

Track list:
1. Hear Our Calling!
2. Of the Angel and His Orison
3. Chariots Of The Gods
4. E.A. Firebringer
5. Enlil
6. Ire Thru Fire
7. Inferludium
8. One Is the Truth and the Truth Is the One
9. Are We The Lost Ones?
10. Khufu Arise!

More Neolith:
Official Website


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