Release Review: Goat Monsoon – Blue EP

Hailing from the exciting metal scene in Colchester, Goat Monsoon are a band that have marked out a distinct sound. The band call themselves Garage Fuzz Rock, an interesting tag but one that sums up the sound. The four piece have created an amazing EP, if there is any justice in the world it will get them noticed.

There is a lot of goodness from Goat Monsoon on the Blue EP, it plods along with grace and groove with constant toe tapping. The blues influence is very clear on the album, something which the band have mastered. From the opening notes and solos of opener ‘Principio / el Patron’, it was clear I was in for a treat. The EP sounds so raw, primal and honest, it is obvious this is music that the band enjoyed creating and jamming. ‘Principio / el Patron’ had a sound reminiscent of Sweden’s Truckfighters, while managing to not be a direct copy. ‘Lord of the Hive’ is a track I particularly enjoyed, a raunchy Kyuss-esque Odyssey through the night into the early hours. But it’s not all journeys and long songs, the song ‘Alpha Kings’ is a short and punchier number with a punk influence. Final track, the eleven minute ‘Ajuste de Cuentas / Sleep Machine’, is an entrancing beast. As vocalist Lammy barks ‘Sleep Machine’, one final audio punch is given to the listener before the EP finishes. I really wanted a lot more from Goat Monsoon but this will have to do for now.

On the band’s facebook page they have a quote from Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry saying: “Let the Music do the talking”; the Blue EP speaks very loudly for Goat Monsoon’s case as talented musicians.

Goat Monsoon Blue EP

1. Principio / el Patron
2. Lord of the Hive
3. Alpha Kings
4. Ajuste de Cuentas / Sleep Machine

Goat Monsoon band pic

Goat Monsoon are:
Ben – Pedals
Charlie – Dirt
‘Evil’ Stu – Tang
Lammy – Traps/Throat Locusts

More Goat Monsoon:


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