Release Review: Crucified Barbara – In the Red

All-female Swedish heavy metal band Crucified Barbara just released their fourth album, In the Red. Females in heavy metal have become more prominent in recent years, but this quartet has been around for over fifteen years, so they are veterans in a sense. So how do these women stack up in our beloved genre that is heavy metal?

Crucified Barbara and In the Red are very clearly traditional metal, taking hints from Girlschool, Dio and Motörhead. Singer Mia Coldheart has a clean, yet somewhat hoarse voice, and compliments the music well. She proves to be a powerful front woman. The riffs and hooks are pretty standard. A few songs stand out such as the first three tracks, “I Sell My Kids for Rock N Roll”, “To Kill a Man” and “Electric Sky”. They show off the band’s potential as a forceful, headbanging band. After these initial numbers, the album becomes somewhat stale and formulaic. The title track itself does not particularly wow me. Don’t get me wrong, the band plays well, but a lot of the melodies don’t suck me in like they should. They stray into the “been there, done that” territory. The lyrics are typical topics of the genre: life, relationships and metal itself. Luckily, all of the songs are between three and four minutes, so they do not overstay their welcome.

The album is by-the-numbers heavy metal, but is by no means terrible. The only thing really distinct is that the band is all female. It has no surprises and is what you would expect based on the band name, album art, song titles and band image. There were a few tracks I looked forward to on repeated listens, but I probably will not go back for seconds on most of the tracks.

Crucified Barbara - In the Red

1. I Sell My Kids for Rock N Roll
2. To Kill a Man
3. Electric Sky
4. The Ghost Inside
5. Don’t Call on Me
6. In the Red
7. Lunatic #1
8. Shadows
9. Finders Keepers
10. Do You Want Me
11. Follow the Stream

Crucified Barbara is:
Mia Coldheart – Vocals, Guitar
Klara Force – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ida Evileye – Bass, Backing Vocals
Nicki Wicked – Drums, Backing Vocals

Crucified Barbara band

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