Release Review: Tankard – R.I.B.

There are things in life that just seem to go together. We’ve been pairing things since school began: ball and glove, knife and fork, shoe and foot are just a few examples but I propose a new, extremely important, addition to this list: beer and metal.

Few things in life blend better than a thrashy riff and a cold brew. I’ve been chugging beers in the name of metal for over twenty years and I have to say, the shit never gets old!

Beer worship and metal have been epitomized in the thrash band Tankard. While it might be hard to take a group writing almost exclusively about alcohol seriously, the devotion they’ve shown to metal is undisputed. Often imitated but never duplicated, Tankard are the true Godfathers of this intoxicating frenzy and they show no signs of ever slowing down.

Tankard have been in existence since 1982 and have been pumping out their odes to inebriation since 1986. A dedication which has not gone unnoticed by metal fans, many of whom now include Tankard with the other three famed Teutonic thrash acts Sodom, Kreator and Destruction. I personally have no issue including Tankard with the aforementioned acts as they’ve been consistently good since their inception and with a back catalogue of 15 studio albums, they have most definitely paid their dues.

Tankard’s latest effort is called R.I.B. (Rest in Beer) and I can’t think of an album more aptly titled. The songs are basically straight up thrash with some hardcore punk influences mixed in. The end result is an unforgiving assault on the senses that leaves you wondering why this group isn’t more well-known in thrash circles.

The album’s pacing and diversity are sure to hold the attention of even the most casual fan. Highlight tracks for me are: “War Cry”, “R.I.B. (Rest in Beer)”, “Breakfast For Champions” and “This Party Ain’t Over Till We Say So”.

It’s amazing that Tankard has managed to avoid the pit of mediocrity and still puts out quality releases. Sure the formula is old but Tankard is a pioneer of the genera, they know how to write a quality riff and keep the structure tight. Pop open a brew and check out Rest in Beer \m/

Tankard - RIB

Track List:
1. War Cry
2. Fooled by Your Guts
3. R.I.B. (Rest in Beer)
4. Riders of the Doom
5. Hope Can’t Die
6. No One Hit Wonder
7. Breakfast for Champions
8. Enemy of Order
9. Clockwise to Deadline
10. The Party Ain’t Over ’til We Say So


Tankard are:
Frank Thorwarth – Bass
Gerre – Vocals
Olaf Zissel – Drums
Andy Gutjahr – Guitars

Tankard online:


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