Release Review: Zodiac – Sonic Child

Every now and then, a band comes out of nowhere and takes you completely by surprise. One band to do this lately was Germany’s Zodiac. They are a band that has produced an insanely interesting album in Sonic Child and one that could do wonders for their career.

The album is incredibly varied in terms of its content. There are many different genres at play here, making the album appeal to a wide range of people. Alterantive, Blues, Country, Desert, Hard, Progressive and Stoner rock are all on this album along with a hint of grunge. It’s easy to see Zodiac opening for Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix or Muse, they are that diverse! When listening to the fantastic ‘Swinging On The Run’ I had a Ratatouille-style flashback to ‘Showbiz’ by Muse. There are so many different types of songs on the album – if there is any justice in the world ‘Sonic Child’ should be a radio hit, while ‘A Penny And a Dead Horse’ is plucked straight from a Western. The beginning of the song is perfect showdown material, while the second half is more rocky. ‘Out Of The City’ sounds like the offspring of Casablanca and Queens of the Stone Age, while the spirit of John Garcia and Kyuss hangs over album closer ‘Just Music’. Epic nine-minute track ‘Rock Bottom Blues’ is a downbeat bluesy wonder of a track, yet another surprise on the album. That’s one of the best things about this album, it takes so many unexpected twists and turns that every song is like opening a gift.

One of the best discoveries of the year, Sonic Child is an album that came out of nowhere and into my heart. Like Chancellor Palpatine, I will be following this band with great interest.

Best Tracks: ‘Swinging On The Run’, ‘A Penny And A Dead Horse’, ‘Rock Bottom Blues’

ZODIAC_Sonic Child_Cover

1. Intro – Who I Am
2. Swinging On The Run
3. Sonic Child
4. Holding On
5. Sad Song
6. Out Of The City
7. A Penny And A Dead Horse
8. Good Times
9. Rock Bottom Blues
10. Just Music


Zodiac are:
Nick van Delft  -Vocals / Guitar
Stephan Gall – Guitar
Ruben Claro – Bass
Janosch Rathmer – Drums

More Zodiac:


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