Clive Jones of the cult 70s progressive and occult act, Black Widow, has passed away today at 4pm (GMT). Jones who was the band’s saxophonist, flutist and singer, has been struggling with cancer.

A statement at Black Widow’s official Facebook page has been posted today: “Now it´s confirmed, Clive Jones has passed away at 4pm, we are all grateful for your music and for being such a nice guy. R.I.P.

Clive Jones Black Widow

Black Widow’s latest studio offering was 2011’s Sleeping with Demons. Recently, it has been announced that an unreleased song, “Devil’s Man Down”, written by Clive Jones will appear in ex-Black Sabbath Tony Martin‘s solo album, Book of Shadows.

Originally known as Pesky Gee!, the band formed in Leicester, England in 1966 and then after splitting up, the remaining members reformed and renamed to Black Widow in 1969. Black Widow made their name for their occult and satanic imagery in their music and stage performances. The band is mostly known for their 1970 debut album Sacrifice and the song “Come to the Sabbat” (view below). Many tend to see the band as one of the first bands to play “black metal”.


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  1. Paul Trembley // November 1, 2014 at 12:24 am // Reply

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Clive Jones. The first album I ever had of the band was Sacrifice, and is one of the greatest albums ever made for that time period. How could anyone mix up Black Widow with Black Sabbath? Sabbath set the tone for the heavy metal, but it was Black Widow, even a little lighter than metal, set it to be a little more creepy, especially when you listen to the lyrics. I still think, in my own opinion, that they should be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. They’ve been eligible for a long time, and is still regarded by many as a great band who deserves a break. God bless Clive, R.I.P.!!

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