YETI ON HORSEBACK: “There Is More Negative In This World Than Positive And We Thrive In This Pool Of Filth And Negativity”

I was introduced to the slow and doomy sounds of Yeti on Horseback when I saw them open for Castle and Cauldron in London, Ontario. While the band has only publicly released one song, ‘Psycho’, they have been getting considerable attention in their local scene. I was really impressed with the band’s set so I contacted the band after the show and set up an interview by email with band members R.P. and N.S.

Yeti on Horseback

Curt: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview! Can you first go over a bit of background information about the band, i.e. how did you begin, length of time together etc?

R.P. & N.S.: We spent about 10 years in various forms, with various guitar players and drummers coming in and out of the bands. The music back in those days was almost entirely improvisation and lacked structure, but once various riffs began emerging from that time spent, we knew that we’d need to find like-minded musicians that wanted to play darker music. Our vocalist learned how to play guitar, from there we had a solid foundation of darkness from which to create the songs we had always wanted to hear. After we had solidified our music as a three piece, we needed to add another layer in order to get the right texture and evolve as a band. We found our second guitar player through mutual friends and at that point, Yeti on Horseback began it’s path of destruction.

Curt: So far you’ve released just one track (‘Psycho’) via Bandcamp back in 2013. How has the response been to the track so far? Are you mainly just getting local downloads or are you getting people from all over the world?

R.P. & N.S.: That’s not something that we particularly monitor. It’s nice to know that someone out there is listening to what we are playing, but ultimately, that’s not something that is our primary concern. We have noticed, however, that we’ve gained some followers from interesting places like Greece, UK, Australia, etc.

Curt: You mentioned that you have a new album coming out soon. Can you tell me a bit more about that? What is the name of the album going to be?

R.P. & N.S.: We are recording at Sonic Zen Studios in London, with producer Michael Marucci. It’s the same studio/producer that we used for the Psycho recording, but we’ve improved in every possible way since then. From recording methods, to playing, to songwriting etc. For our new album, we’ve completed the drums, bass, and guitars but need to still lay down the vocals and a few other instruments and it will be complete. The album is going to be called The Great Dying, named after the Permian-Triassic extinction event. This was the closest that life ever came to being virtually extinguished from existence, and we feel that it captures what we are trying to do sonically and thematically with this new album. We were extremely lucky to stumble upon the artwork of Jeremy Famir from the Czech Republic, who shares our same love of Doom and agreed to do the artwork on the new album. His artwork compliments our music in ways we never thought we’d find, so we feel that with his artwork, Marucci’s production and our music, we will have made an album we’ve always wanted to hear, but no one has wanted to make. So we made it.

Curt: From what I can tell, lyrically your songs focus on death and darker topics. Is you music an outlet for you to express these feelings or are you generally a negative person in life?

R.P. & N.S.: I wouldn’t call the lyrics an outlet for our feelings, but rather more of a commentary of what our wretched world is. There is more negative in this world than positive and we thrive in this pool of filth and negativity.

Curt: How is the metal scene in London Ontario in general?

R.P. & N.S.: When we first started playing, before we became Yeti on Horseback, the metal scene wasn’t for us. Since promotion companies like Black Element Productions and Heathen Hammer Promotions have come into existence, the scene has been getting tighter and more intelligently varied. It’s no longer a sea of just Metalcore bands, it now belongs to creative bands and people who put their heart and soul into metal and not just a run-of-the-mill clone of whichever trend is currently happening in metal. We’re a family now, and we look out for each other.

Curt: Any plans on touring for the new album once it is released?

R.P. & N.S.: We haven’t toured yet, but it is something we are interested in. We’ve all got jobs and commitments outside of music, with music being our life’s blood… We will continue to create it and play whenever and wherever we can.

Curt: Thank you very much for the interview and I look forward to hearing the new tracks! Anything else you would like to say?


Yeti on Horseback online:

Yeti on Horseback are:
RP – Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics
MS – Guitar
NS – Bass
SR – Drums
Satan – Everything


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