Live Report: Lentic Waters, Black Veins, Jackals, The Plague Project and Jøtnarr @ The Waiting Room, Colchester (UK) – 8th October 2014

After having a blast watching Slabdragger, Grey Widow, Earthmass and Goat Monsoon at The Waiting Room in August (reviewed here), I was hyped for the next gig. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long and with an incredible line-up, I couldn’t have been happier to return to The Waiting Room in October. With a large crowd with many members from the University of Essex’s Metal and Punk Societies in attendance, it was time for some black metal.

Lentic Waters Updated

The Waiting Room - Shing

The first band were local legends Jøtnarr, a band I had been told to look out for ever since I moved to Colchester. The three piece are something of a super group as they feature members of Meadows and Three Thrones in their line-up, but they are certainly not a normal black metal band. With no bassist or corpse paint in sight and drummer, Oliver Harvey, wearing a KISS T-shirt, they were certainly an interesting addition to the ever-expanding black metal scene. With only a twenty minute set at their disposal, the band pummeled the crowd with some Immortal and Burzum inspired riffage and shrieking. ‘A Plague on Earth’ and set finisher ‘Relics’ from the epic Divide The Growth And Stone (reviewed here) were fantastic to finally hear live. Even though front man Chris Moore’s vocals were lost slightly in the mix, it was still an insanely enjoyable opening act. Jøtnarr excelled and got the night off to a good start.

Jøtnarr - The Waiting Room Wednesday 8th October - Shing

Even though I had only heard demos for The Plague Project, I had liked what I heard and couldn’t wait to see the live show. I was immediately drawn to the raw power and emotion from the band. Even though I didn’t understand what they were saying, I certainly picked that whatever the subject matter was, it meant a lot to the band as they gave 110% for every note. Despite being only a twenty minute set, I wanted a lot more from The Plague Project and I am stoked for a full recording, this band have a lot to offer to the metal scene.

The Plague Project 2 - Waiting Room

Now it was time for some punk, courtesy of Jackals from Norwich. With fans starting a pit before their set came on, you knew violence was going to erupt. Delivering a solid twenty-minute set of punk was what Jackals did and they did with ferocity and bile, spitting out hatred to a receptive crowd. It was a shame their vocals were lost in the mix as it would have added something to the set. But the mad moshers loved every minute, one even went outside to throw up as he moshed too hard. For their debut appearance in Colchester, Jackals proved what all the fuss was about.

Jackals - The Waiting Room - Wednesday 8th October - Shing

Birmingham’s Black Veins were astonishing. I didn’t expect their set to be as emotional and powerful as it would be, with one attendee remarking they were one of the best bands they had seen recently. With not a stray note in sight, Black Veins gave a really powerful performance, in a night full of emotion they still held their own to make their set memorable. The newer, more emotional material fitted in well with the older, more Napalm Death/Converge type material. I am unbelievably excited for their new material after that performance.

It had been a long wait but finally, Lentic Waters were playing. A wave of emotion filled the venue as the shredding began. Lentic Waters were certainly worth the agonizingly long wait for their set and the Germans certainly made a lasting impression. I couldn’t have been happier with their music, it was so much better live than on record. Playing material from their splits with Old Soul and Planks, Lentic Waters certainly put on a killer live show. I’ve never seen a band like Lentic Waters before, but now I’ve gotten a taste and I want to explore their musical scene more. A triumph of a set!

Honestly, that was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to in Colchester and The Waiting Room is set to have a fantastic history of gigs.

Live photography courtesy of Shing Hong Chan.

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