Release Review: Orange Goblin – Back From The Abyss

Back From The Abyss is an Orange Goblin album. That’s the best way to describe it. As Dom said in his preview of the band at Damnation Festival, the album contains Sabbath-style metal, groove, doom, punk and, most importantly, kick ass riffs. From opener ‘Sabbath Hex,’ it is clear that Orange Goblin still have their mojo. This album, like every other OG album, is pure Sabbath worship; you can even imagine Ozzy singing some of the songs on this album, such as ‘Into The Arms of Morpheus.’

Even though the album does have some epic tunes on it, it is also slightly boring in the fact that a lot of the songs while good aren’t memorable, particularly the last few songs. But there are some tunes on it. From the trash influenced ‘Bloodzilla’ to the Maiden-like ‘Mythical Knives’ and the biker inspired ‘Sabbath Hex,’ the band have lost not run energy for their eight outing.

There is gold on this album let me reassure you; it is one the greatest blues inspired albums of the year. ‘Ubermensch’, ‘The Devil’s Whip’ and ‘Bloodzilla’ are songs to sing along to while ‘Into The Arms of Morpheus’ is one that the fans of the slower Goblin tracks will adore. On the other hand The Abyss’ belongs in a horror film, one that you might catch Electric Wizard watching after a gig. Ben Ward‘s vocals are once again in excellent form and the rest of the band are as superb as ever.

This is a good album, it may suffer from occasional repetition and it’s not on par with classic Goblin material, but it is still a beast of an album. HAIL THE GOBLINS!

Best Tracks: Sabbath Hex, Ubermensch, Mythical Knives, Bloodzilla

Orange Goblin Back from the Abyss

Track Listing:
1. Sabbath Hex
2. Ubermensch
3. The Devil’s Whip
4. Demon Blues
5. Heavy Lies The Crown
6. Into the Arms of Morpheus
7. Mythical Knives
8. Bloodzilla
9. The Abyss
10. Titan
11. Blood Of Them
12. The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Orange Goblin 2014

Orange Goblin are:
Ben Ward – Vocals
Joe Hoare – Guitar
Martyn Millard – Bass
Chris Turner – Drums

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