Live Report: Vodun with Meadows, William English and Isolation Tank @The Waiting Room, Colchester – 25th October 2014

Tonight was always going to be a lot of fun, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones as you do at local gigs while watching quality bands. With a backdrop by a local artist, it with time for some heaviness.

Vodun/Meadows/Isolation Tank/William English

“Holy shit” I found myself yelling as I almost dropped my note during the first note of Isolation Tank‘s set. The two-piece were an enjoyable opener and I had fun headbanging to their pummeling riffage but they didn’t do a lot more. They weren’t terrible in the slightest and I dug what they did, but they weren’t as appealing as I hoped it would be and they got a tad tiresome near the fifteen minute mark of their twenty minute set. I wouldn’t have complained, however, if they went on for longer as I still found myself headbanging. Despite this I’d still happily see Isolation Tank again, they deserved a second chance.

Isolation tank/Art Of Burning Water split by Isolation Tank

And now for something completely different, William English who launched a storm of hellfire at the audience. Their assault on the eardrums was chaotic, frantic and wild, yet it was also a ridiculous amount of fun. The band threw themselves across the venue as frontman Shane Miller let venom spew from his mouth. I had a huge grin on my face throughout the entire set as their frantic hardcore/sludge fusion dominated the venue. The audience loved them and so did I, I hadn’t seen them for a year but it was worth the wait.

Fresh from supporting Rabbits and Arabrot, it was time for local legends Meadows to take the stage. Opening with a deadly ‘Earthhorn (10,000 BC),’ (from the self-titled EP reviewed here), the band destroyed The Waiting Room with a sonic assault which had people headbanging and generally going insane to some quality local sludge. When the band played ‘I Am Stone Head,’ from the split with Sky:Lark! (reviewed here), they paused and then brought the fury of Odin down with a titanic crash of music. The band also played ‘Bin,’ from the Chestbuster split and ‘Loaded to the Gunwales,’ from the Slabdragger split. Finishing with an epic ‘Super Thunder Blade,’ Meadows came, saw, conquered and annihilated the venue. This was my fourth time seeing Meadows live and every time they’ve just got better and better. Who knows what will happen when I see them the fifth time. Unstoppable, a force like no other. With a positive review from Metal Hammer, now is the time for Meadows to begin world domination.

Meadows Setlist:
Earthhorn (10,000 BC)
I Am Stone Head
Head of Henry Grey
Loaded to the Gunwales
7 Second Zephyr
Super Thunder Blade

The lights were turned off and the stage was filled with lit candles, it was time for Vodun‘s ritual to begin. The band’s set was simply mesmerizing, the way they fused psychedelia, funk, rock, metal and afro was simply breath taking as the entire audience was caught up in a spectacular show. The vocals were some of the best I’ve ever heard live and despite the band not having a bassist (what is it with bands not having a bassist nowadays?) the sound didn’t suffer from the lack of it. Their show was really captivating and the audience seemed to love it. The likes of ‘Loa’s Kingdom,’ and ‘Eat Up The Sun,’ were beautifully executed and a treat to hear live. The band’s stage presence was interesting too, covered in body paint and robes they looked like cultists and drew the crowd in like charismatic cult leaders.

At the end of the set, the drummer set her kit on fire by pouring liter fluid on the cymbal causing one of the greatest scenes in live music history in Colchester. The venue or kit did not burn down as a whack of the symbal put out the flame. When they finished they received one of the biggest cheers ever in the history of The Waiting Room and it was well-deserved. One person commented they were the best band they’d ever seen live. While for me they were not the best band ever (who can beat Iron Maiden after all?), they were simply unique and stunning, a lot like their music on record.  A jolly good night for all.

Vodun Colchester HD

We also interviewed Vodun at the show, read the review here.

Vodun picture taken by James Howard.

The bands online:
William English
Isolation Tank

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