For Everything A Reason / Shields / Create To Inspire / Idols of Apathy @Colchester Arts Centre (UK) – 25th November 2014

A strange but enjoyable end to the evening to see everyone pitch in, which is what metal is all about - unity!

Comeback shows always have a wait of expectation with them, there’s always a feeling of whether the long wait was worth it and whether it was going to be a wasted evening. Luckily, tonight wasn’t a wasted evening and one that was better than I thought it was going to be despite the terrible weather raging on outside.

For Everything A Reason Colchester Arts Centre

Opening the show were the six-piece Idols of Apathy, the local lads gave a brutal opening to the show with ‘Death Row,’ complete with synchronized headbanging. Even though they played with sheer force, the crowd seemed disinterested for the most part with little movement from the crowd for most of the set apart from one or two hardcore dancers. Idols of Apathy were enjoyable even if their tech metal meets deathcore was a bit stagnant at parts, but the ending of ‘Deceiver,’ caused some much needed movement and responses from the crowd.

Up next was the more melodic Create to Inspire, playing tracks from their decent EP Halfway Home, vocalist Sean Midson spent the majority of the set in the crowd and in the pit. At one point he was literally shouting in the face of someone standing next to me. Title track ‘Halfway Home,’ was awesome to hear live, as was ‘Shatter/Rebuild,’ from the same EP. However, the performance while enjoyable didn’t seem to go anywhere, the band seemed disheartened by the lack of movement which was understandable, but perhaps the fans were saving their energy for what was to come.

Despite the evening being all about the headliners, the band I was most looking forward to was Shields. Walking in soaked after buying a dairy milk from the shop, I was near dry by the end after jumping around to their savage breakdowns. The clean vocals of Sam Kubrick entwined nicely with the growls of Joe Edwards, especially on the epic set-closer of ‘I Just Feel Hate,’ which was the best song of the night, the crowd sang along to the band’s most famous song with real passion, something the other bands clearly needed to post their performance. Shields also played a lot of new material which was absolutely top notch and, most important, the crowd connected with it. Meeting the guys when buying a T-shirt (my first tie-dye!), they smothered me with handshakes and hugs and a genuine feeling of gratitude. It was nice to speak to a band that actually cared about their fans.

Now it was time for the headliners, For Everything A Reason, playing their first Colchester show for about three years. “How the fuck are you doing Colchester?” yelled the band to a receptive crowd. The reunion was off to a flying start, the band themselves made things interesting by adding humorous segments into their song such as football chants and ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble,’ to motivate the crowd; who return yelled-out constant requests. The likes of ‘You Call That A Comeback,’ and their cover of Lorde‘s ‘Royals,’ were brilliant and had a lot of fun doing so. The crowd demanded an encore, but the band didn’t actually have one planned and had no more songs to play. But they gave the crowd what they wanted, so they performed one of the songs they performed earlier with all the front men of all the bands that played earlier. It was a strange but enjoyable end to the evening to see everyone pitch in, which is what metal is all about – unity!

Metalcore does have a history at the Arts Centre as its where Architects filmed the music video to their hit song ‘Follow The Water.’ Here’s hoping many more great nights like this will be put on.

The band’s online:
For Everything A Reason
Shields UK
Create To Inspire
Idols of Apathy

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