The Mound Builders – Wabash War Machine (EP)

A prime example of what can be done when you embrace the metal melting pot

The Mound Builders are a doom/stoner metal outfit from Lafayette, Indiana and they show a lot of promise. The group has been active since 2008 and the Wabash War Machine EP is the second major effort by the group. Prior to this, The Mound Builders released a full-length effort entitled Stranger in a Strange Land (2008) and a split release with psychedelic punkers Bo Jackson 5, in April of this year.

The doom/stoner metal categorization doesn’t really do the music of The Mound Builders justice. Their style is really a combination of multiple genres ranging from 70s rock to punk-influenced speed metal. The meshing of these varying styles of music is a significant achievement in itself. However, this movement, ‘the metallization of 70s rock structures’, is really unlike any other transition out there, it’s a mutation at the core and The Mound Builders are still in the infancy level of refining their craft but I like what I am hearing.

This 4 Song EP is a step in that direction, highlight tracks for me are: “Wabash War Machine”, “Bar Room Queen” and “The Mound.”  I caught this band live with The Skull back in May and they were notable; I can’t wait to hear this new material executed live.

A packaging of this release became available for pre-sale on November 1st, 2014. The first 100 pressings include a ‘limited edition’ merchandise pack which consists of: a sticker, patch, button and a post-apocalyptic comic book created by artist Adam Black with an emphasis on The Mound Builders’ songs, lyrics, and themes.  The official release date for the EP was December 5th, 2014.

Mound Builders Wabash War Machine box

The Mound Builders are finding their niche with this release and I like where they are going. Creativity is the light that keeps progression moving forward and Wabash War Machine is a prime example of what can be done when you embrace the metal melting pot. \m/

The Mound Builders - Wabash War Machine

Track list:
1. Wabash War Machine
2. Sport of Crows
3. Bar Room Queen
4. The Mound

The Mound Builders are:
Brian Boszor – Guitar
Jason “Dinger” Brookhart – Drums
Robert Ryan Strawsma – Bass
“Ninja” Nate Malher – Guitar
Jim Voelz – Vocals

The Mound Builders band

More The Mound Builders:
Official Website

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