Behemoth & Decapitated @O2 Academy, Birmingham (UK) – 12th December 2014

I went home with lots of hope in my heart that the gigs of 2015 would be at least as spectacular as this was.

It was a busy year behind Behemoth considering they kicked off the year with the release of The Satanist and set off on a tour that immediately followed, including summer festivals. I was lucky enough to have seen them a few times this year, so I couldn’t have found a better band to watch as my last gig of 2014.

Behemoth Decapitated Winterfylleth Grand Magus UK tour 2014 small

Behemoth always find great alliances to help them conquer all, for example in February when they teamed up with Cradle of Filth and In Solitude and now their fellow Polishmen Decapitated together with Winterfylleth and Grand Magus.

Due to unfortunate circumstances and my poor organisation skills, I managed to miss the two opening acts, Winterfylleth and Grand Magus. Both bands are out with new releases, The Divination of Antiquity and Triumph and Power, respectively. I saw Winterfylleth at Damnation Festival 2014 and I was really impressed with what I saw. It would have been a great opportunity to see Grand Magus live since I haven’t had a chance so far. Shame on me.

Anyway, I didn’t have too much time to comtemplate on that because Decapitated was already on stage to ripp my face off. So they did. As I expected, most of the songs were from their latest release Blood Mantra, including ’Exiled in Flesh’, ’Veins’ and the title song ’Blood Mantra’. Although Rafał and co. could give us only a taste of brutal death metal in their interpretation in the short time they were given, I still managed to get a sore neck, not to mention that taking pictures and headbanging at the same time do not go hand in hand. Also, listening to more Decapitated is among my New Year’s resolutions.

Decapitated Birmingham 2014 Vivien Varga

Decapitated by Vivien Varga

Behemoth brought us a very professional performance with all the trimmings. The opening song was ’Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’, in which, I think, they found their great arse-kicking intro. Somewhere between ’Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’ and ’Conquer All’ there was a short intermezzo which I hadn’t seen before from them. Nergal kneeled down with his arms wide stretched while electronic sounds were going on in the backgrond. It all looked a bit strange and out of place to me. Fortunately, after this everything went back to normal and we could continue with our worship of evil forces. I especially liked the fact that they didn’t focus only on The Satanist but songs from previous albums were included in their set. I headbanged to all my favourites like ’Slaves Shall Serve’, ’Ov Fire And The Void’ or ’Chant For Ezkaton’. ’O Father O Satan O Sun!’ provided the epic encore for their set.

I went home with lots of hope in my heart that the gigs of 2015 would be at least as spectacular as this was.

Behemoth Birmingham 2014 Vivien Varga

Behemoth by Vivien Varga

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