Desecration, The King Is Blind, Obscene Entity @Colchester Arts Centre (UK) – 5th February 2015

Death metal night at the Arts Centre! Don't miss out! Entry only £7

Only two weeks after some infamous Swedish vikings laid siege to an ex-Medieval church in the small town of Colchester – which used to be the capital of Roman Britain by the way – a death metal night is shaping up to do something similar. Perhaps the Norse Gods won’t make an appearance, Thor’s hammer will not protect us from the mainstream life and no one will arrive at the Arts Centre with longships. However, these three bands which will appear on stage on Thursday, 5th February will deliver true death metal which you should all love.

Desecration TKIB Obscene Entity Colchester 5 February 2015

Headlining the night will be the infamous Desecration from Wales. The band formed in 1992 and released their first demo Mangled Remains in 1993. However, it was their first full-length which made all things even more brutal about the band. Gore & Perversion was immediately seized, incinerated and banned by the police in 1995 under the Obscene Publications Act, which also led to the band’s arrest. A one year court case was eventually dropped but they were warned to “tone down” in the future. A Norwegian label released the album with censored artwork and in 2003 the band re-recorded it with a different cover, listen to two songs from that release here.

Fast forward to 2014, the band releases their seventh full-length under the name Cemetery Sickness via Metal Age Productions. The “Welsh Death Metal Bastards” are back and they will not compromise with you, Colchester!

The King Is Blind. You probably heard a lot about this band on this website. We’ve been following them ever since they released demo recordings online and they performed their first ever live show at our death metal night at The Hole in the Wall in March 2014. In September 2014 the four-piece released their debut EP The Deficiencies of Man to critical acclaim and rightly so; their blend of old-school death metal a la Bolt Thrower, the haunting eeriness of Celtic Frost and the frightening sounds of My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost or Candlemass are audible in their work. The King Is Blind are bringing back the sounds of the British old-school underground with mighty power.

The trio of Obscene Entity is not foreign to the Arts Centre. They have performed here before – the last time I remember it was opening for Napalm Death in 2012. Basically, if you like bands such as (early)Decapitated, Gorguts or Origin then you will LOVE Obscene Entity. Their description on Facebook is true to their sound, as they say “it does what it says on the tin”: “Honing a savage style of no-bullshit death metal, juggling razor blade riff-age with grooves as thick as tar, orchestrated by relentless rhythms, it truly is an Obscene Entity“.

Don’t miss out death metal fanatics! Entry is only £7. More info via the official event page.

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