Steak – Slab City

It's stoner rock fit for the busy metropolises that swamp modern society.

Desert Rock and Stoner Rock are genres that have a lot of great talented individuals in them, but also a lot of regurgitated shite. As mentioned in an interview with Old Man Lizard: “Bands like Kyuss, Yawning Man, Fatso Jetson etc. started out in the desert jamming big riffs which reflected their environment and were just right for their time and space; last time we checked, there weren’t any deserts in London.” Steak however are different to this; yes the band reek of the influence of John Garcia (the great man himself even appears for a spot of guest vocals on ‘Pisser’) yet the Londoners add a suburban twist to the music. It’s stoner rock fit for the busy metropolises that swamp modern society.

There’s some fantastic riffage on the album while vocalist Kippa sounds like the long lost member of Mastodon who has just been thawed from his iceberg. ‘Liquid Gold’ and the aforementioned ‘Pisser’ in particular drew a particularly present grin of this reviewer’s face. It’s no wonder the band opened for Mr Garcia on tour. My main problem with the album is that a lot of it is lost in a myriad of riffage. Some tracks just blend into one and just aren’t memorable enough. But as a debut album this is indeed very strong, the force is with this one.

This album may have filler, but for the most part, the album is killer. There are plenty of glorious sand-drenched riffs on Slab City to warrant a few return trips.

Best Tracks: ‘Coma’, ‘Liquid Gold’, ‘Pisser’

Steak - Slab City

Track listing:
1. Coma
2. Liquid Gold
3. Slab City
4. Pisser
5. Quaaludes and Interludes
6. Roadhead
7. Machine
8. Hanoid
9. Rising
10. Old Timer D.W.

Steak are:
Cam- Bass
Sammy -Drums

steak slabs truck

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