The Voynich Code – Ignotum

"TVC have figured out what works already and with their impressive abilities all intact – the only way they can go is up."

Early days for a band can often result in questionable decisions that may or may not always be adhered to in a years’ time. However, one thing is for certain – Lisbon’s The Voynich Code have barely been together a full year and already have the presence of deathcore wizards with the ability to magic together some material surpassing their predecessors.

Using technicality as a method to formulate the pace of their material on their EP Ignotum is what makes The Voynich Code very adept in their songwriting. The riffs are cataclysmic as expected in the deathcore demographic, and furiously executed. Yet they are not dependant on being fast, as essentially, these riffs are not your reminiscent of your conventional ‘speedy material’.

Perhaps what makes TVC more noticeable from the ‘djent-meets-deathcore’ aesthetic is the fact that the sluggish breakdowns, while still there, are blended more creatively within the song and are not positioned separately to make them more extravagant. The clever crafting of technical prowess at all corners as opposed to always remaining about 2 minutes into each song (and occasionally 3) is something TVC do very well. TVC also incorporate well-executed synthesis and samples that complement their harsh and at times, hypnotic melodies. The only exception being the close to “The Others”, which on its own merits, is disgustingly slow and menacing.

The vocals are particularly vicious – the majority of them being low, demonic growls with the occasional appearance from a high counterpart. They are par for the course in this deathcore breeding ground, and they do not detract from the riffwork. However, many listeners who are into this kind of technically proficient songwriting will undoubtedly be able to pinpoint some similarities – but that doesn’t stop Ignotum from being seriously a great choice to get your head banging.

The drums possess the modality of an insanely talented technical perfectionist, and it becomes obvious that the man behind the kit is incredibly skilful and knowledgeable of what works in the realm of djenty deathcore and what doesn’t. Whether the vibe is pure groove or whether it is hauntingly heavy slams, the drums collaborating with all three guitars make for some great moments throughout this EP. A particular standout is “Decoding Of Life”, which brings all positive qualities of the EP that have been explored thus far into a 5 minute opus of everything right with The Voynich Code.

Whilst many genre practitioners in a similar ballpark may exhaust their abilities to the point where their releases feel forced and deliberately heavy, Ignotum is a ballsy attempt at something different within something even more different. TVC have figured out what works already and with their impressive abilities all intact – the only way they can go is up.

Do not underestimate this EP.

The Voynich Code - Ignotum

Track listing:
1. Antithesis
2. Amunet, The Decider
3. The Others
4. MS408
5. Decoding Of Life
6. Acta Sancti

The Voynich Code are:
Nelson Rebelo – Vocals
Vinnie Mallet – Guitar
Andre Alfonso – Guitar
Miguel Pires – Bass
Nuno Cordeiro – Drums

The Voynich Code

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