Ghost Bath – Moonlover

Moonlover is simply phenomenal, life changing.

A lot has been written about Ghost Bath, as their identity is a mystery. Originally hailed as a band from Chonqing, China, an investigation revealed instead that they actually hail from Minot, North Dakota. But honestly it doesn’t matter where a band comes from; it’s all about the music, and boy does Moonlover deliver. Drawing comparisons with the likes of Deafheaven, Ghost Bath’s form of Depressive Black Metal has given them rave reviews across the world, all of which are well deserved.

Moonlover is simply phenomenal, life changing. Some might say it’s too early to be throwing tags around as album of the year or landmark album but Moonlover is so dam special I can’t imagine it not being on my end of year list. It’s an album of contrasts, it’s a really depressing and dark album, but it’s also full of an underlining sense of hope that life will improve. It’s an album full of blackened painful screams, but these screams are a release, a ventilation for the internal anguish.

Moonlover can be seen as a journey, your soul will be ripped from your body, yet at the end you’ll be born anew. This is breathtaking stuff. The guitar work is stunning, a mixture of hope and despair. This may not be what the band intended, but I feel like the album has a lot of positive alongside the negativity. While this is undoubtedly black metal, I recognized a tiny hint of metalcore found in some of the guitar work and drumming (others may dispute my claim but for me it’s there). Even if black metal isn’t your genre (especially of the depressive kind), this is an album that deserves to be heard by all.

To say Moonlover is an album doesn’t do it justice, listening to it from start to finish is an experience. It’s dark, moody and depressive, yet uplifting, hopeful and bright. Listen to this album, it’ll change you. It’s an emotive voyage but you’ll feel better because of it.

Best Tracks: “Golden Number”, “The Silver Flower Pt.2” and “Death and the Maiden”


1. The Sleeping Fields
2. Golden Number
3. Happyhouse
4. Beneath the Shade Tree
5. The Silver Flower Pt. 1
6. The Silver Flower Pt. 2
7. Death and the Maiden

Ghost Bath are:
-无名 (Nameless)

Ghost bath band

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