The Story Behind Up-and-Coming Record Label ROXEAVY MUSIC

Keith Hudson of Roxeavy Music speaks! Check out the story of how the label started and purchase the compilation below to help an independent record label deliver heavy music!

On a rainy November day in 2014, whilst browsing through my Facebook, I came across an interesting looking advert promoting the release of an album entitled Live from the Asylum by a band called Osmium Guillotine.

I was instantly drawn to the fantastic artwork and I just knew I had to give it a listen, and boy, am I glad I did!

Roxeavy Music logo

Having always had a great interest in music, a passion of which is shared by my son, it had been a long time ambition of ours to one day start a record label to help out some of the fantastic, unrecognised talent that is out there. This day came for us when Osmium Guillotine announced on Facebook that they had parted ways with their current record label. I just knew that this was the moment we had been waiting for. Without delay, I set to work creating our various social media pages and website etc, and wasted no time in contacting Osmium Guillotine, for once we had a band on board we could officially start working as a record label.

In order to keep things interesting, we decided not to stick to just one particular genre, so we have selected bands from all walks of rock and metal to work with. We feel that with this approach, we could appeal to a wider audience and maybe get people into exploring music styles that they may not usually listen to. We have no time here for categorising our bands into silly named sub-genre, etc. If it rocks and we love it, then it works for us.

Within a matter of weeks, and a few Facebook adverts, Roxeavy Music was quickly becoming popular among rock and metal fans worldwide, and we were soon host to six amazing bands, who we have now showcased on our first official compilation album, Roxeavy Music Presents. (Listen below)

We are now hoping that the sales from this album will bring in the necessary funds in order for us to take these bands to the next level in their career, and for us to continue in our search for awesome bands to present to the world of rock and heavy metal.

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