NeonFly – Strangers in Paradise

Willy Norton's vocals are stunning, quiet when they need to be but loud and commanding during the grander moments like a young Bruce Dickinson.

NeonFly are a wonderful band. They were immensely enjoyable live in Colchester with DragonForce and the interview I did with their incredibly kind front man Willy Norton is personally one of my favourite interviews I have conducted. Released in December 2014, I wish I could have given this album a proper listen sooner as it is a really fun one.

NeonFly play a mix of hard rock, heavy metal, power metal with some minor metalcore and folk metal elements; a winning combination. It’s an album that musically is incredibly upbeat and positive, despite some slower songs and subject matters about areas like imperialism, found within the song ‘Heart of the Sun’, which has a small Muse influence. Willy Norton’s vocals are stunning, quiet when they need to be but loud and commanding during the grander moments like a young Bruce Dickinson. His fantastic voice fits in nicely with the stylish guitar play. Norton’s voice stayed in my head long after listening to this release, especially with the song ‘Whispered Dreams’.

It’s easy to like this band. Norton’s voice isn’t the only talent on display, the band work really well as a unit, with a good rhythm section. The band write songs to headbang to, sing to and pump your fist to, but also songs to drive to and ponder to, like ‘Rose in Bloom’. NeonFly really are a band that write a good mix of good songs, but towards the end of the album it starts to get repetitive with the band on autopilot. It is also an album that opens with its best two songs in ‘Whispered Dreams’ and ‘Highways to Nowhere,’ but despite the gradual slope it is still a great album.

If you like your metal a bit lighter and love a good sing-a-long, then I recommend Strangers in Paradise. It’s nothing genre-defining or game-changing, but my god is it a good album.

Best Tracks: ‘Whispered Dreams’, ‘Highways to Nowhere’, ‘Heart of the Sun’

NeonFly Strangers In Paradise

Track listing:
1. Whispered Dreams
2. Highways to Nowhere
3. Better Angels
4. Rose in Bloom
5. Heart of the Sun
6. Aztec Gold
7. Fierce Battalions
8. Sons of Liberty
9. Chasing the Night
10. Falling Star

NeonFly are:
Willy Norton – Vocals
Frederick Thunder – Guitars
Andy Midgley – Guitars
Paul Miller – Bass
Boris Le Gal – Drums

NeonFly Band

More NeonFly:
Willy Norton Facebook

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