SHATTERED SUN: “It’s Awesome to Be Treated Like Family on a Tour Like This” [Video Interview]

My interview with Shattered Sun front man Marcos Leal was easily the only bright spot on my recent trek to Mojoes (Joliet, Illinois) – read that review here.

It’s good to know there are up-and-coming artists who are aware of both mainstream metal acts and the underground. Respectful artists, who understand their place, what hard work is and what it takes to gain acceptance in the genre of metal.

This interview was shot on site, in the trenches and not without a cost. Typically, fans are respectful to the interview process. However, this was not a typical show. Hats off to Marcos Leal for completing the interview under such circumstances and handling it so positively.

Best of luck to Shattered Sun with their new release and current tour! \m/

Shattered Sun are:
Marcos Leal – Vocals
Daniel Trejo – Guitar
Jessie Santos – Guitar
Joseph Guajardo – Bass
Robert Garza – Drums
Henry Garza – Keys/Samples

Shattered Sun online:


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