KAMCHATKA’s Thomas Juneor Andersson Talks “Long Road Made of Gold”

"I write about what goes on in my life and my concerns, it’s my therapy."

Swedish blues rock trio Kamchatka recently released their sixth studio album Long Road Made of Gold via Despotz Records. This release might be their best yet as it contains many catchy rock ‘n’ roll tunes which will only make you get your groove on…and it even has a banjo in the opening track! The new album is still being streamed in its entirety via Classic Rock, so do check it out but do come back here to read our interview with Thomas Juneor Andersson who talks about the lyrical concept of the album, the band’s sound and live performances.

Thomas Kamchatka

Dom: You recently toured the UK. How did that go for you?

Thomas: It went great and we met old and new listeners.

Dom: I saw you at the London date in March. That was a really energetic and passionate show. It was free entry, what do you think of free entry shows?  What are the benefits of playing free entry shows?

Thomas: That show was part of a promotion run for the band and sometimes you have to do stuff like that to spread the word. It depends on how you look at things and I compare a free entry promo show the same way that we use promo records to promote the band, it’s just something that needs to be done at certain times.

Dom: When will we see you again in the UK? What touring plans do you have set for the near future?

Thomas: We will play festivals around Europe this summer and then we will tour in the fall, plans are made as we speak so I can’t reveal anything just yet but of course we wanna come back to the UK as well.

Dom: You just released your new album Long Road Made of Gold. Are you satisfied with what you recorded and the response it has received so far?

Thomas: Yes, we are very pleased with “Long Road Made of Gold” and also with the positive feedback the album has gotten so far!

Dom: You claim that you want the album to sound like a 2015 album instead of a 1973 album. Why this motive?

Thomas: For Kamchatka it’s important because we don’t try to imitate what bands sounded like back then, the music we play and write might ring a bell for some people but that’s not how we hear ourselves and for us it’s 2015 and that is what I mean by that. Here and now.

Dom: Do you think that many modern “retro” bands try too much to sound like a 70s band instead of creating a newer, more original sound?

Thomas: Yes and for me that sounds boring. I like to look ahead instead of looking back. Get inspired by the old favourites but do your thing here and now.

Kamchatka - Long Road Made of Gold

Dom: Is there a lyrical concept behind the album? How is the Long Road Made of Gold related to the cowboy-Kamchatka illustrated on the album artwork?

Thomas: I write about what goes on in my life and my concerns, it’s my therapy. No there is no concept behind the album in that perspective but at the same time there is; “Long Road Made of Gold” is about the long journey we do as travelling musicians and the “GOLD” in the title refers to the reward consisting of music. So, in a way the lyrics go hand in hand with the title talking about the journey through life.

Dom: You use a banjo on the opening track which sounds really cool, how did that come about?

Thomas: Well, I just thought that it reminded me of typical banjo playing when I made the riff on the acoustic guitar so I had to try it on banjo and it worked out I think

Dom: You released the album once again via Despotz Records. How is that cooperation working out?

Thomas: It’s working out fine, they work hard and we work hard for what we believe in.

Dom: Many blues acts tend to focus more on the bluesy feeling, melancholy and sadness. Kamchatka’s music seems to be focusing more on the positive and happy side. Is that your aim?

Thomas: We don’t analyze what we do so much and we just make and play music that we enjoy to hear.

Dom: This is also reflected in your live performance. It is very energetic, full of energy and just makes everyone want to dance.  Is that how you approach your concerts? What is your aim when you go on stage?

Thomas: It’s on stage that we feel most at home and every show is a celebration of being able to do what we do and I am glad that the audience feels that too.

Dom: Finally, what are you currently listening to?

Thomas: BB KING, RIP.

Dom: Thank you for your time! If you want to mention something which I missed above, please do so here, thanks!

Thomas: Thank you for this interview and don’t forget to ROCK ON!

For all things Kamchatka, visit their official website, Facebook and TwitterLong Road Made of Gold is out now via Despotz Records.

Kamchatka 2015

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