UK Tech-Metal Fest 2015: 20 More Bands Announced Including Rolo Tomassi, Hacktivist & Monuments

That’s better!

Marking exactly one month until UK Tech-Metal Festival begins, the organisers have added 20 more bands to the line-up, as well as stage splits and day tickets for the festival. Leaving a conspicuous gap filled only with a large ‘?’ for the Saturday headline slot, 99% of the festival seems all but set in stone. The announced acts are below.

Tech Fest 2015 Hacktivist Rolo Tomassi Monuments


No strangers to Tech-Fest, having played every year to date, one of the most underrated prog metal bands in this day and age will be set to tear it up once again at the Newark Showground. Monuments, marking a year after certified rager The Amanuensis was released, will undoubtedly be unleashing more hell and dishing out a surplus of energised riffs with plenty to spare. Do not miss them.


UK grime-metallers Hacktivist will make their first appearance at Tech-Fest, playing exclusively as the early bird headliner. Traditionally this slot sets the right tone (no pun intended) for the festival, which Hacktivist will have no problem in doing, whilst they make their voices heard by vociferously spitting their socio-political-themed aggression.

Rolo Tomassi

This is an interesting choice, although perfect in hindsight. As a second stage headliner, it seems the math metal band from the UK have been entrusted to bring an atmospheric-prog edge that goes from extremely dense technical viciousness to some of the most mellow, chilling ambience imaginable. No doubt they will be a big talking point come Tech-Fest, as that’s par for the course and then some.

Other bands announced:

  • No Consequence
  • The Sun Explodes
  • Carcer City
  • Nexilva
  • Subversion
  • Red Seas Fire
  • Kadinja
  • Borders
  • Sumer
  • This Is Turin
  • Brutai
  • Kryn
  • Agent
  • Jagwar
  • Sentience
  • Clockwork
  • Immersa

Particular shout-out goes to Clockwork who I used to gig with a few years ago. I HIGHLY recommend watching!

You can find the full line-up and official website here for details on ticket prices.

Stay tuned for the Saturday headliner announcement due soon!

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